Hypothetical question about EOW mowing

K c m

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Could an EOW mowing business work if you had a mower that could actually cut well in one pass regardless of 2 weeks growth? I live out in the boonies and the average lawn is 1 acre plus and I am thinking about offering an EOW service. The lawns are grass but some weeds and it does grow fast in the spring and fall. I realize that a mower that can cut in one pass might be a unicorn but I am only asking a "what if" question. What do you guys that mow all the time think if such a unicorn did exist?
Not a unicorn. G5/g6 start in middle and cut counter clockwise from inside out and you get a perfect cut.
i usually pass because say the lawn is 30$ then bi weekly is 60, 1 a month is 120$ so there isn’t any saving money. Mostly in part because 97% are from the land of oil, second only want to keep the township off them 3 elderly. Which I’m totally cool with doing at 30$/cut.

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Well I think the mower just needs to be sufficiently powerful. I recently installed XBlades on my mower and they are a game changer, for leaves definitely but surprisingly also for grass. If you are putting it on a mower that is already a little short on power it won’t improve anything but on my FX1000v 60” Hyperdrive it’s got that extra power to spare. In your shoes that’s definitely what I would go for. They are for sale for a reasonable price on Ballard inc

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