Hypro D30/Honda GX160 Gear Box

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by appalachianarbo, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Anyone know who makes the gear box on this setup? I'm looking for maintenance info (oil weight, capacity, change frequency, etc.). I also need the gasket that sits between the pump and gear box (oil leak). The pump/engine is on a Lesco 100 gal sprayer. Thanks
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    Lesco should carry it, or try rittenhouse.com
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    View attachment Hypro gear box D30, D403, D50.pdf
    If it looks like the one in the upper left hand corner then
    Ref#20 is the gasket the long item# is Hypros item# the handwritten one is Lescos#061889
    Ref#13 is the vent plug/dipstick. This is were you check the oil level and fill after its been drained. The gear box takes 80w90 gear oil and you only have to fill up to that nub on the end of the dipstick when its treaded into the gear reduction(any higher and it will vent out when its running). I tell my PCO's they should change the oil at least once a year as part of normal maintenance.
    I hope this helps:)
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    Sure does! Good info, medic! Thanks...

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