Hypro D30 to D50 Conversion with 5HP Engine

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The Lawn Crew, Mar 1, 2006.

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    D30 Pump is cracked, from previous owner. Wish to convert to a D50) Hypro and mount it to the same 5HP Kawasaki (new) engine, before later swapping it for an 8hp.

    The Hypro lit indicates the pressure regulator is the same for the D30 and D50. The engine has a 3/4" shaft with an older style (1990) gear reduction unit.

    Does anyoone know if this is a direct swap? How far off on performance will it be with a 5hp engine?


    PS: How is the hypro 13381-0011? Using approx 12gpm.
  2. Rhett@Gregson-Clark

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    Is your gear reduction part of the engine or is it part of the pump? In either case you have some options. You will be pressure limited with 5 HP. The required HP is a function of flow and pressure. The flow is predetermined by the size of the pump. Pressure obviously is adjustable so at lower pressures (250 psi and less) your engine will probably handle it ok. More than that will likely overwork the engine. If your pump is direct coupled to the engine with the Hypro gear reduction (9910-KIT1640) you can reuse it to run the D-50. However when you convert to a 8-9 HP engine you will need a different gear reduction (9910-KIT1642) to accomodate the 1" shaft engine. If your gear reduction is part of the engine you should be able couple it up to the D-50. The 3381-0011 is a decent gun. You would probably want it with a 3.0 or 3.5 tip with a 12 gpm pump. Keep in mind the pumps rated max flow is at 0 psi. At 200-300 psi it will be less. Good luck!

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