Hypro D30 vs. D403

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    That was a quick reply.

    I need to do the same alterations to my space saver, it makes good sense.

    That is interesting your pressure is so low. How many sqft/minute do you cover? And do you check the flow rate with a stop watch and bucket?


  2. Bryn

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    So Whoop,

    We are four season from your show down with the 403 pump. How did your season go, and how many diaphragms have you changed, any update?

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    Sorry for the delay in response. This is the first time I've gotten on here in a looooooong while.

    I sold the sprayer last fall. I had been using it less for the past couple seasons, opting to spot spray with backpacks to cut costs. As a result, my information is probably not all that relevant.

    I still had to replace diaphragms yearly - even when I got to the point of only running prodiamine in the spring and then triplet the rest of the season. There was always some cracking on the diaphragms and eventual leakage.

    The mods made it stable and (seemingly) dependable - though the decline in active use makes it a bit difficult to compare apples to apples...
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