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    I am sterilizing a fence line that has some small saplings growing around it. There is not around anything i am afraid to kill.
    My tank still has some 24d, & pre-emergent (surflan) in the tank from previous jobs (30 gallons or so), i cannot find any information if i can mix with Hyvar for this sterilization job, since my tank is not empty. Does anybody see any issues with this mixture.

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    Since you have saplings around that fence, the 2,4-D is not a bad thing. When doing bare ground vegetation control, think about elimination of preexisting growth. Hyvar will do it, but over several months. I say, go ahead. No problems with the Suflan either. That is a good product for long term suppression of grassy weeds in bare ground areas. You are also not in violation of any labels for applying such a mix in a bare ground area.

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    thats what i was looking for, thanks a bunch!

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