I’m stuck. Can’t get Super Z deck pusher arm free


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I have an old Super Z and I’m trying to pull the deck to do some welding on it. The deck pusher bars should just unbolt from the frame bracket. No dice. The nut came off no problem but the bolt is stuck. I tried the impact wrench but the bolt goes through an internal bearing at the end of the support arm and just spins. I tried hammering it out, again it won’t budge. It’s like the bolt threads have worn a groove or something in the bearing hole and it’s locked in there. Has anyone had to mess with this before? I can’t even cut the bolt without spreading the frame bracket because there’s no clearance. I guess I could unbolt the pusher assembly from the rear of the deck but I really want that bolt out now. Anyone else ever deal with this?


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Anyone else ever deal with this?

Back in the last century, Bobcat used a long pin to hold the push arm to the deck. When the pin wore, a grove would wear in to the ends. So unless you get the bolt perfectible lined up, you will never get it out. Take it off at the back.

Now if you want to reuse the push arm.... What I did was take my grinder with a cut off disc, cut the push arm off with out cutting into the deck mounts. The fun part, some times the pin would fall right out, other times, I would have to press the pin out with the 12 ton shop press....

When you go to reinstall the push arm, use a flat washer of the correct size to take up the sloop, but ant seize the bolt so it can rotate in the arm......Of course if the bushing are fubared, you might want new push arms........

Have fun.

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