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    As the season approaches, I find myself growing more concerned about I-9 compliance and the protection it provides from hiring illegal alien workers.

    I have friends in other companies that seem to think that if the documents look good, then we are protected. Howerer, I know theire is an 800 number you can call and the SSA will verify that SSN and names match.

    I also know of a company that exclusively uses a staffing company to send them seasonal workers and they are not concerned about compliance, because if the workers come from a service, then the service is liable. I tend to think this is going to blow up in there faces.

    I am not sure that this is really protection against being fined.

    What do you all think ? I dont want an immigration discussion.

    I am in the need of more workers than last year and this past year I found it difficult to find legal, drug free workers.

    What do you do to ensure you dont hire illegal aliens?

    or what are your strategies for finding good workers ?

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