I almost crashed a party

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Jan 22, 2002.

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    I just noticed that the seductive female image is on the screen the girl is sitting at! Wow, maybe I wayyyyy underestimated how cool your son's parties are.
  2. Yeah it's the same chic standing in the second pic.

    Go get her scottie schmidt

    Hold on a sec, you asked "status?" Married or single?

    At your age you should ask for a phone number not status.
  3. I havn't met her yet so I don't even know her name. But I've heard that she and Jeff just bought a house.

    These are a good bunch of guys. Been friends since they were little kids. The "party" is more like a reunion.
    The previous weekend it was paintball in Cincinnati.

    I think they prefer "geek" to "nerd". They're all in the computer field in one way or another. They each brought 50 blank CD's to trade programs.
    Doug got me a copy of Harry Potter. Said they were working on Lord of the Rings, but only had 2/3 of it. Hey I said they were geeks didn't I?

    Computer industry's flat here. Doug's gonna go back to mowing with me this summer.

    I hope I get that job mowing the new Wal-Mart Distribution Center. Then I could afford to pay him.

    We went together to apply at Wal-Mart, me to mow the lawn, Doug applied as network administrator. Either way's fine with me, then he can pay me rent!

    I understand what you mean about a good ground for electronics.
    We just get so much lightning here, that all grounds have to be bonded. Otherwise I get crossover lightning in the wiring.


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