i already feel burnt out!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by inzane, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. inzane

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    was wondering how some of you managed to work other jobs while still building up a lawn care business to go full time? i need to find another job that is more flexible that will allow me to have time to take care of my accounts. i work overnight shift 11pm till whenever i'm done, and most days it seems like way to many hours to even manage a side business with now. on friday i worked from 11pm to 10a.m. at my other job and went straight for my equipment to continue on working till 5pm. i do that a few times a week. the rest of the days i gotta get up after a few hours to pick up my kid from day care. i have a hard time answering the phone because i'm either sleeping or working.

    putting in a notice at my job at the start of next year. my wife works, and i have a litte saved.. 17k. my truck and equipment will be payed off by that time. may take a little out the 17k to get a walk behind. i need to find some type of job making around 150 to 200 a week to supplement the wifes income while i get this business going. i can't lie, i'm a bit nervous, but i hate the overnight shift life so much, i'd probally rather lose everything than to spend another 7 years doing it. we are not even gonna have good health coverage at that job anymore, which is all the more reason for me just to leave it behind.. my doctor says i'm shortening my life by what i'm doing, but what does he know.. :laugh
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    its hard work. I work 47 hours a week at my full time job, then i go and mow from 5pm tilldark all summer long, and even most weekends im doing something. You just gotta push through it or choose which one yu would like to do more.
  3. aka lawn

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    If is hard. Just got to push. I am in the same boat as you work midnights. Run lawn care. Not married but have a girlfriend that has two kids that are involved in everything. It is not easy just got to have the drive to success it will pay off in the end. That is what i am looking for. I am a couple years before i can quit my night job.
  4. easy-lift guy

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    I admire your courage to break away from your current work schedule. Your doctor may well be correct, however as long as you pace yourself for the balance of the year I believe you will make it. Pleased to hear that you have a reserve fund built up, that your truck and other equipment will be paid off as well. I wish you the best.
    easy-lift guy
  5. 32vld

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    You know how much money you need to make it.

    I work MWF evenings 4 to 9:30. Sat 8 am to 4 pm.

    I get a good nights sleep before I service my customers. I only have two days of landscape work a week. I could see myself giving up Saturdays as I close in on a 40 hours of work a week. Don't think I'll give up the three week nights. Steady money for the off season and I can call in sick when it snows.

    So maybe you need to find a second job 2nd shift instead of 3rd shift that you are on, and 20 to 30 hrs a week.

  6. inzane

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    well, my work has a 4 day work week schedule that i have tried to get on. gonna try again, but this time i'm giving them an option.. move me or 2 week notice. it would be sunday through wed. 1pm to 1a.m. then i'd have thursday friday and saturday off. i can get alot done with 2 full days off during the week and saturday as well. i bet i could make it for another year that way. i have a feeling my job would be thrilled if anybody quit because it seems like they want less workers with more hrs rather than more workers with only 40 hrs or so.

    i took this night job in 04 so i could do a lawn care business. had to pick between that and lawn care after 2 seasons, but i feel like i made to many mistakes trying to be a LCO last time. thinking this could be the right time.. having all my stuff paid for and having added chem apps to my list of services are both gonna make a huge difference, as well as much better web presence.. the bad economy may offset all this though.. haha. its good that the season is comming to an end so i can have more time to plan all this out. gonna be taking some vacation time as well.
  7. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    I work construction during the day 8-12hrs a day not counting drive (1hr avg round trip). We get shafted on windshield time. We meet at shop at 6:30am & our time don't start til 7:30. We get trucks ready & discuss where we are going & what we are doing. On the road by 7am avg drive 30 mins. If we get to site before 7:30 our time starts when we get there. Then our time ends when we are done working, so off the clock for drive back to shop. I know this is illegal & BULLSHIZZ but boss says in this economy the money is not in the contracts. Anyways, I never know when I'll be home Mon-Fri, so I do my mowing on weekends. Half day Sat & 10 am til dark on Sun. Can't take on any new clients with current fulltime work schedule. Wish I was home by 4pm Mon-Fri so I could schedule mowing during the week or had 2nd/3rd shift job.

    Here is my situation & plans for spring. The caulking company I work for is small & I am the Sr employee (1 of 3 employees), only been there abt 1yr 4months. There were 4 employees when I started & 3 were let go by the time I was there 6 months. The 4th guy quit couple months ago. High employee turn over because boss treats them like cr@p. He treats me different (respects me) because I own my own business. Come early next year I'm gonna tell him I'm gonna give the lawncare a shot fulltime & will work for him part time. At the begining of season maybe working for him Thurs & Fri. Possibly some afternoon/evenings caulking some stuff. The income from him will help in the beginning, so hope he goes for it. If not I got some connections with other caulk companies that I have talked with on construction sites that will use me part time. 1 being a solo caulker that alot of times could use help but doesn't always have enough work to keep an employee full time.

    Best of luck to you...I know I'm gonna need it come spring!
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  8. larryinalabama

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    5 years ago I was doing the same thing, I did it for 18 months, then I went full time lawncare, and it too a couple more years to build a soild business.
    Its tough working 2 jobs but the money is great and it makes for a good start in the lawn business. Hang in there.

    I just want to know when do you have time to see a Doctor???
  9. rbljack

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    i work an evening shift and have to go in the afternoon, and work till early am 4 days a week. The 4 day a week shift helps. and allows me to cut lawns each day before my main job. Only problem is that here in West Texas, im cutting lawns through the heat of the day, and then have to pull a 10 hr shift AFTER that...LOL.

    I got burned out this year about may, when the lawns were growing fast, and I was cutting a lot. Money was good, but it got pretty wore out by myself running solo. My son helps when he gets out of school for the summer, but this year was SO hot and dry, there wasnt much work when the weather got hot. Here is one thing that helped me when I started REALLY getting burnt out; by a new piece of equipement or count the money you are pulling in....LOL...seems to help
  10. inzane

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    i worked it in one day. the wife made me go to doc. they had me on anti-depressents and sleeping pills. i'm totally normal.. i just need to sleep more.. lol. threw all the pills in the trash. that crap messed me up for weeks. the wife came home one day and i was sleeping in the driveway :dizzy:


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