i already feel burnt out!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by inzane, Oct 21, 2012.

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    atleast you have an option of going part time. my job is weird about that.. i started out temp to hire the first year, then have stayed on another 7. mostly on the night shift and they can't work nothing out. all i do is build freight orders, i stack 50 to 60 lb boxes all night long.. it totally sucks. i'm 37 years old, and it totally has gotten me nowhere (did have major shoulder surgery and a 7 month vacation last year though!). my problem has less to do with the amt of lawn care work i have which is hardly enough, but more or less the amount of time i sleep, because i just can't make myself adjust to the night schedule anymore.. my body is fighting it bad. i think i have a fear that i'm gonna give up on lawn care again like i did 7 years ago, and i know 100 percent that this is what i want to do (for myself, not working for a company), i can't think of anything else work wise that i enjoy this much.. thats what keeps me going everyday.

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    I hear ya man atleast you got money saved...I mean 17k thats alot I am just getting started again I made the mistake of selling all my accounts and equipment when I left high school for college now three years later I am trying to get it all back to what I had..it isnt easy especially trying to start back up in the spring...

    I work Mon-Fri 7am-4pm and every other Sat those same hours at my full-time in the warehouse and then Pickup up a waste management job from about 8-9ish every night (extra $600 a mo.) and then fit jobs in when I can...

    Hopefully in the spring time I can quit the nightly contracting job and cut my hours down on the fulltime job to part time...

    Takes money to make money baby...nothings easy but then again I am still only 21 so its not that hard on me.
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    Most days I work 6 am to 11 pm have a full time job from 2-1030 pm half hour drive home. It wears on me but I'm trying to stick to it until I have everything paid off. Then go full time. Hoping two springs from now.
  4. inzane

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    you from marietta? i lived there for about 15 years. thats where i first started up my business back in 04' before i gave it up to work in the warehouse.. now i'm out in dallas, ga trying to make it happen out here.. not venturing into marietta much yet. plenty of potential clients out this way.. trying to build a tight route to save on fuel costs.

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    I feel your pain man. I don't think I could do the overnight gig like you do. I work a M-F 8-5 Corporate job over in Alpharetta, then do my mowing and in the evenings 5:45-dark (weekends if need be). I have 17 clients and fortunately, all 17 of my customers are in my own subdivision. I split my mowing up 4-5 nights a week but now that it's dark so early, I've been having to do a few on saturdays. I just did my last mowing for the season this weekend though. I've been doing them bi-weekly the last 4 weeks since the bermuda has slowed down so much. Still waiting for that first frost to knock it into dormancy.

    It gets really complicated in the spring when I'm mowing, doing apps, and doing mulch/pine-straw jobs :dizzy:
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    Yeah I am from Marietta and thats cool I hunt up that way a ton on Sheffield WMA right next to Paulding Forest if you know where that is; I am actually looking for a house out in that area now but I want land..I live where Macland Rd and Powder Springs comes together if you know where that is...trying to break back into it here..its hard getting started again in the fall with limited equipment but I am hoping by spring time I will be able to cut back on work and run my business mostly.
  7. inzane

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    yeah, i lived up that way on powder springs rd., found me a sweet deal on a house out over here off of dallas acworth highway. i'm hoping i can pick up some more accounts this spring, i got started mid summer, and got a fair amount of calls at the start of fall. i'm doing mostly chem apps, but decided to add mowing so hopefully i can get 10 to mow to get some cash flow going till i can get more apps to do. i gotta get out of the warehouse ASAP i think i'm burnt out from there more than anything, most of my lawn care work is done for the year, i have some lime applications i'm gonna do in november and thats about it. so i guess i'm just gonna enjoy the OT at the night job and put the money away till next year.

    cant send you a PM but, what warehouse you work at?? i work in kennesaw at the m&m/mars warehouse. totally sucks! lol.

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  8. inzane

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    i used to do 6a.m. to 5 pm at trugreen and mowed till dark everyday, and i much rathered that. i think i'm gonna be a stay at home dad next year, and go mow when the wife gets off work, till dark.. then on friday i can put him in day care for one day and get alot done, and i have all day saturday. i think thats my plan. i may try to run some pizzas if things get to slow.. in the winters i'm just taking my azz to the temp. service and i'll find a forklift job during those times.. day time hours of course. the night shift life is no life for someone with a family. its so hard to leave a decent paying job with benefits, however.. they downgraded our insurance which to me.. makes no sense for me to stay.. i've found other options for insurance for my son that would be much better. the nightshift has put a huge strain on my marriage and i'd like to save that.. love my family, they keep me going everyday.

  9. macgyver_GA

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    You live in my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Powder Springs (graduated from McEachern) in a subdivision down Macland Rd towards Hiram.
  10. TPendagast

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    "The money is not in the contracts" I guess that's all relative.

    I'm not familiar with Ohio Labor law. but most states dont vary too widely on this. If the employer requires you to report for a time and place of work, then you pay starts there. He could require you to show up directly to the work site, but if you are driving a company truck and/or equipment there, then I guess thats why you reporting to and from the shop. So he is illegally not paying you for hours worked.

    Here's where the world of suck comes in. You can report this to the dept. of labor, but if things are as razor thin as he claims they are, this could shut down the company and put everyone out of a job? then you shot yourself in the foot.
    But it really bugs me to think, that the employer is actually DEPENDING on that very line of thinking in order to pull off what he is pulling off.
    (man that actually does bug me)

    anyway back to the issue of working one job and servicing clients of the OP.

    The leap from employment to entrepreneur is a big one, IF you have a working spouse, Id say do it, but a girlfriend, hmmm that's not as solid of a deal.

    It sounds like 200-300 more a month would be all you need to "make ends meet" with this 'side job'. But 300 more a month translates to an extra 1000 per month of lawns cut (factoring a short season and overhead costs)

    Can't you just step up your volume and cut that much more grass if you were totally self employed?

    $1000/mo is $250 per week, which would be 5 more $50 lawn cuts, is that really going to be that hard to get? Assuming you quit the job and just mow full time. Trying to hold on to a few hundred bucks from another source, other than yourself might actually be your stumbling block.

    I don't know your area or what the opportunities are like, but heck 5 more lawns or no sleep and no time for family? I'd choose 5 more lawns, and marry the girl! edit: my bad, you already married the girl, good job!

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