i already feel burnt out!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by inzane, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Good luck too you sir as i'm kinda in the same boat as you are, although my job i have now is at the new volkswagen plant in chattanooga tn and i make pretty good money but the swing shifts and a hour drive and 11 hours work is just taking a toll on me and my time with my daughter and family. I'm not going to quit for a while im also just starting part time this season but i have a few wealthy clients lined up that will earn me around 2k a month but im just praying about it i just know i don't wanna work in a factory all my life it just depresses the heck out of me lol
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    It's not all roses out here either...lots of competition and ups and downs....try working on a property each week for ten years and then lose it...inconsistent help, late payers,equipment failure....rain,lack of rain.....it'll keep you on your toes
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    Yeah.. I know what I'm getting into. between reading on here and over 10 years working for a company back in the day I know there are gonna be many challenges.. I'm just looking forward to getting a somewhat normal life back. those that worked night shift for many years might understand where I'm comming from.
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    its been about a month since i quit my job. i get calls every week, i have a little worked lined up each week and this will keep me busy until mowing season starts. I picked up the extra accounts i needed to make up the difference of what i need to help out with my wifes income. and i still got around 13k saved up for emergency funds, with truck and all equipment i need paid for! Its been boring overall, waiting for things to pick up.. but everything is falling in to place.

    i made one mistake last week and underbid on a brush removal job, i ended up going home beat up and tired with 5 bucks for working 5 hours, yes like 1 dollar per hour. this doesn't usually happen to me either, but there was some confusion about dumping fees, instead of $10 a ton, i got charged a flat rate per load because i had "yard waste" that had to go to a seperate area.. so after my dump fees, gas and day care expense for my son for the day.. i had about 5 bucks! i got me two beers and called it a learning experience. other than that, i've gotten some good paying little jobs to tie me over till mowing season starts and keep me from raiding the savings to much..
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    Its hard to do much this time of year, I generally service my accounts once a month and try to get "mulch and straw" done. Accounts I spent 3 hours on, this time of year Ill spend 5 to 6 hours on just to geep my truck out there.

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