I am 13 years old just started out

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by metro36, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. golfkingisaac

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    Welcome to the biz kid, i am a few years older than you (Late Teens) & was once in your position! I have been mowing lawns/managing my own biz since i was about 8!

    Will you progress into the lawn Care ranks once you leave school? Welcome to Lawnsite.com, it will help you, in-fact we all help each other here. Perhaps you could stretch out & go a street or two futhur.

    What do/will you charge? Show some dedication & go out of your way in lawn care where you live & someone/some people will begin to notice thus you shall progress!
  2. MSS Mow

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    from Maine
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    :D :D :D :D That's a good size town in my neck of the woods. A neighborhood here is is 3-6 houses.

    Anyway, I can understand the age thing too. I started young as well. Don't regret a second of it either.
  3. pclawncare

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    No madder how young you are i think it is just great that some young kids even though i am one still believe you get what you work for not what your parents give you
  4. Oxmow

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    Hey guys im all for the youth working and all...But...Metro are you insured? You can surely type correctly and have good sentence structure, so it seems like you are a pretty intelligent kid. I applaud your effort to fund yourself. Is this something that you are gonna try to turn into a career? Are you charging close to the market rate? Do you know the market rate for your area? Are people hiring you because you are the cute kid down the street? Not that it matters because they are paying you.

    As long as you have the idea of earning money for yourself at this age you have surely put yourself on the road to not being a burden on the rest of the taxpaying nation. Oh, by the way, do you pay taxes on what you make?

    Well just my two cents worth. Good luck in what you do Metro!
  5. TheYardBoys

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    i think you could do great. i know i did and im only 15 and ive got 46 yards but the secret is " be mature and treat everyone with respect " if you do those youwill do great
  6. GaryFenza

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    yea deff. ****, i have been upsessed with cutting grass since i was 4 or even younger, we have pictures of me riding with my dad back int he early 90's on our 160 John Deere, which is now my baby that im 16 almsot 17. :weightlifter:
  7. hess

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    The most question i heard last year from customers is are you insured?
    so at 13 its going to be hard to get customers if you have no insurance
  8. Young Lawn Boy

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    wow that is sweet. you are doing great! im 15 and have been mowing since i was 10. i started out just like you...mowing my neighbors yard. now i have 15 accounts and am going to grow alot this year when i get my license...keep up the great work and don't take any crap from anybody. hold your ground when it comes to giving estimates...i cant tell you have many people tried to screw my over on prices just because of my age
  9. GaryFenza

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    Good luck buddy.
  10. AndyTblc

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    Yah people expect you to be lower just because of your age. News flash for them people, we have to be able to afford ware and tare and put cash in our pocket.

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