I am 13 years old just started out

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by metro36, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. lawnguy268

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    "Yah people expect you to be lower just because of your age. News flash for them people, we have to be able to afford ware and tare and put cash in our pocket."

    yea but you don't pay taxes insurance or any other legal fees so it should be lower.
  2. AndyTblc

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    How would they know that though?
  3. GaryFenza

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  4. lawnguy268

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    because at your 13 and unless you have a lot of facial hair you won't pass for 18. And you have to be 18 to have proper insurance,And when you walk up to there house with your backpack blower already on your back pushing a mower with one hand and holding your trimmer with the other.....Id say its a dead give away that your not old enough.
  5. AndyTblc

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    Well that would be a given. I'd say that by the time you have your own TOW vehicle, and a trailer. Then you can raise your prices.
  6. Skimastr105

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    Hey...I ski too! I have raced for the last 10 years or so. You should get into it, if you can. It is a great experience and it makes you a much more solid skier in general. Oh, ya... I'm typing this from the bottom of Steamboat Ski Area in Colorado! Work hard, and good things will come. Good Luck!
  7. F.S Lawn Care

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    Hey dude I started in the 6th grade with my older brother's old stuff. In the first year I had about 7 or 8 lawns, the next year that doubled, and lasdt summer I had close to 30 lawns a week with my own stuff, and working construction 40+ hours a week.......I dont understand these people saying you won't get any customers.......that was the easy part for me and I wasn't chap either just don't take any crap from people trying to rip you off......I learned that the hard way.
  8. mowingizbestsport

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    Metro, great story. I am 15 been mowing since i was 11 on my grandparents yard and now i have a partner and have 25 accounts. Try to stay focused on school because with all the mowing that really eats at time for homework. Make sure to manage your money well because that is what I didnt do at the beginning. Also playing football is hard to do since its every morning in the summer and everyday after school, through season, just manage your time. I know how you feal about being made fun of walking a mower around the neighborhood. I used to walk mine everywhere with the trimmer, blower, and toolbag strapped to it. Good luck in the business, and try mulching your neighbors flower beds that is also a great way to make money during the summer.
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    Question: What happens when you clip an exposed fuel line and the blade hits a metal grounding spike and sparks the fuel, burning down the house? If your a minor then your parents are responsible for you so they in turn get sued and lose their house. Highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Could a minors parents get their child insurance? I have always wondered this. Even for full blown LCO's with no insurance.
  10. BotetourtBoy3

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    hey im 15 and starting out too. next session i hope to get a truck and be driving around getting accounts. i believe once you can drive your business will start to boom.

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