I am 13 years old just started out

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by metro36, Aug 24, 2006.

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    I just want to wish you the best of luck in your business. I to like to see someone of your age wanting to work and learn, instead of setting in the house numbing your mind with TV and Videogame nonsense. As some one said earlier dont let people on here get you down. Alot of the ones putting you down and putting other people down probably arent much older than you,(and dont act like it either) and dont know near as much as they would like for you to think they do.
    You can tell who the veteran business men are, most of them dont bragg about what they have or how much money there making. Im 26 years old, dont know much at all, and learning every day. This is what I have learned about the business in general. Do quality work, have a clean image and equipment, Tucked in shirt (dont have to have a logo), blue jeans or work pants, proper saftey glasses, and treat your customers with the upmost respect. YES MAM, NO SIR, MR. MRS. DR. No matter how old you are that can get you along way with people. Word of mouth is probably the best advertisement. Again Good Luck
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    leave the kid alone. your junk dude. at least he isnt home playing video games.

    i started when i was 10.

    your rude.
  3. juspayme

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    yea and every lco started his first day witha tax number, million dollar liability insurance, get going your bunk dude.
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    And I started at 12. I was legal at 16.
    I'm glad to hear kids are still doing this!
    Keep it up, don't listen to the jerks they are just upset because they didn't start so young.
    But I will say one thing enjoy your childhood don't grow up too quick!
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    cool man keep doin what your doin, dont get discouraged either, good luck! oh and to whoever started talking about insurance and stuff, im 17 years old and my company has 1 million dollar liability insurance and i am on my OWN policy my parents have nothing to do with it, and i have my own business lisence with a DBA on the way.
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    If I were you I would stay in school me to started at your age if I could go back in time
    I sure would go to school
    Try to do both it’s your mind it’s yours decision good luck wish you the best kid where from long island are you :weightlifter:

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