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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Over the past 6 years we have been taking manure, leaves and anything that will break down from everyone we can.

    This year alone we have probably hauled more then 25 dump truck loads of pure sheep manure We also take all the leaves from our local town.

    There is somewhere between 65-70 dump truck loads of total compost on our farm. About 1/3 is ready to use and some is really raw yet.

    We then incorporate grass/sod that we remove from seeding jobs and also mix fertilizer to feed the microbes to speed up decomposition. We usually have to turn it about once a month or every other month depending out how much it rains.

    Does anyone else do this?
    We have probably close to 200 yards of topsoil also as we mix with the compost before taking to the site and put down.

    It is a great way to add value to your topsoil, and also make great $$$$ on top of seeding.

    leaves-manure-grass compost.jpg



    grass clippings-compost.jpg


    compost side view.jpg
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    When did you start talking about microbes and composting?
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    C:N ratio lil buddy

    Been composting almost since I started my lawncare business

    We only use when adding soil to lawns n low areas, poor soil conditions or renovation work

    Don't apply compost alone only as a supplement to top soil
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    That is all good and swell!
    I live in Craighead County................you cannot compost anything if you are Commercial. I own 3 acres of spare land inside of a county neighborhood. I have thought of this several times to produce more capital for my business but the EPA and the local PC&E will not allow unapproved dumpsites before stringent guidelines is passed. The guidelines is a lot of money. I am sure that there is those that may own hundreds of acres of farm land that get away with this practice but not me. I envy you man!!!
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    Who "loves" sheep?? .... lol

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    I do the same thing only in a much smaller scale

    Just some thing i have been doing for ever

    Mostly what i collect around here i don't get truck loads from other people

    I use a small amount in my lawn care mostly in small dead spots in lawns on larger jobs i buy compost

    Nice job

    Charles Cue
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    I surmise that since you have a farm this big......you do own equipment such as front end loader and skid steers. The material will decay and cause immense heat....and smoke. The piles will need to be turned once every other day.
    The reason of possible sudden flash fires with dead grass is the problem. I can understand manure's mixed with topsoil will hasten fires, but with pulverized leaves, grass clipping.....the heat can cause a flash fire.
    This is the only reason for our EPA will not allow such sites unless you are well equipped to handle the work load.

    Good Job,
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    Yes we have a backhoe.

    As I stated n my original post we usually turn about once a month.

    The more it rains the more we turn it.

    There is really no science to it for us as far as turning it.

    There is always a lot of heat but I have yet to see a fire n 6+ years
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  10. Will P.C.

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    That is a sweet place you have there. Is the building in the background your company shop? If you were nearby, I would have you drop off a truck load when I topdress my yard

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