I am Baaaack from ConExpo.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Got in last night. Feels good to be home.

    Logistics: If you stay in Vegas. The Tuscany Suites is about as nice as I have found. Very much not like staying in a Casino. Numerous buildings only 3 stories high, set in a Villa type arrangement. It was like being in a little oasis. Very nice. However, as suspected no WiFi, hence no pictures. I refused to pay another 15 a day for WiFi. Did a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, Hoover dam, and the Strip. Very cool, little pricey but how often often do you see the GC from a choppper. Maverick helicopter tours was who we went through. Very professional. Got to met Tiger for a short time. He arrived on Friday and had a lot to see in a short time. I had been there for 4 days and had still missed a several lots of equipment. There is almost no way to look at it all.

    The equipment:

    JD: The biggest news IMHO was the release of the 60D excavator. Deere has finally stepped up in the heavy mini market. I looked this machine over closely and really liked it. I had heard rumor it was going to be a side to side boom like TK. No luck there, but it looked well built and certainly needed as their 50 was too weak IMHO to compete in the heavier weight class. The Bison looked cool a lot of chatter on what would you use it for, but we will see if it catches on. I sat in a 328 skid with EH. The ergonomics were good. I really was not impressed with the visibility. I like to see my tires. no can do in that machine. Yes you can see around you well, you just cant down and around. Missing buildings would be easy, missing infloor plumbing or curb and the like not so good.

    Bobcat: The biggest news I could find was the suspended track system. I will start by saying that I have numerous friends who work in the BC organization, and at least one is a very senior engineer. I looked at that design and said WTF. I was expecting a design that was more current not a primative, leaf spring design. The pluses: it is all steel, uses I think 6 leaf springs that allow the bogie wheels to flex, but only about an inch or so. It looked like the winner of a high school design contest. They had a video on it which I am sure is on the web.

    CAT: I demoed a 256C on the day I left and I will post on that separate. The local CAT salesman was there and walked us through a lot of the displays. Got an education on the Accugrade system as it applies to excavators. Looked over a 315D. The electric drive dozer drive system was on display. CAT had a huge display as you can imagine. Nothing that I found really earth shattering for as far as the smaller stuff.

    Volvo: It was a contest between the Volvo, Doosan, and Hyundai as to who makes the best skid steer which also could function well as a boat anchor. I would have to demo them to be sure but it appears that in that contest they would all be tied for first. POS each of them.

    I looked at Gehl which is getting better on fit and finish, cab still spartan. I did not talk to Gehl as far as cool stuff just released (sorry Rock Set). I looked at the ASV PT series, nice cab layout, did not talk to them either, but I Dig Deep I am sure has the scoop.

    TK: Wow these guys are releasing improvements to both the loaders and excavators. Called the 200 series in both. Cabs much improved in both. The excavators are finished off very nicely, on par with others finally, more room. Not sure on mech. improvements but really liked the improved cabs. It sounded like they wouldbe releasing them a few at a time. If your in the market for a TK, talk to your dealer and see if the model you want is being released shortly as a 200 series. Worth the wait if you can.

    TO be continued.
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    Volvo Skids sure do make great boat anchors!! :laugh:

    And all the hype over Bobcat "suspended" system, what a joke! :laugh:

    But the news that there is a Deere 60D is fantastic, was it a near zero swing or a regualr?
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    CASE: The big news was the skid steer. I spoke with two of the engineers who worked on them and got the scoop. They are a good looking machine. I do have a picture of the inside but I got like 300 pictures to sort through. It is nice. The display has a many functions like keyless start, job clock (finally) and they did it without adding a huge display board like BC. The windows can be removed and cleaned out without tools. I did notice that the interior boom lock on the 465 could be sealed better. I was assured that the cab is positive pressure and the temps vary by no more than 5 degrees from the roof of the cab to the feet. The hyd. are much more advanced and the cooling system is much more efficient. Serviceability is much better on changing fluids (that has been an issue which has been saved in part by the 500 hour change interval in the past). Lighting on the cab is by far market leading. They stepped up as it appears. How well it all works remains to be seen. The skid steer line across the board as far as performance is much improved. The 465 loader arms are now on the 445. The 420, 435 and 445 have much more go. Larger displacement with turboes for all machines. The counter weights are like a wheel loader. I rather prefer the style like Komatsu and CAT use with the bolt on flat weights on the side.
    CASE released the series 3 backhoe and the L series dozers, very nice although I don't have a lot of experience with either so I don't have much to compare the improvements by. The 550L with cab and hydrostat is a Fall release Dozerman, I believe that is actually true.
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    Zero tail, I really liked the beef on this machine. Does not look near as delicate as the 50D. Nice big cab. Very heavy duty. There are not many who play in this weight class, TK, IHI (I continue to really like their excavators and they now have a tracked CTL machine) and now Deere. I never understood why everyone goes from a 10K machine (give or take) then to 17K machines. Finally they are bridging the gap.
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    So any pics?
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    I talked to my dealer the other day and he said the new Case skid steers were going to have allot more power. Also he said the front lights have lights that shine out to the side of the machine an industry first. he said the same thing the loader arms were going to be changed as well. Basically they are addressing all the issues people have been complaining about for a while.
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    Can't wait for some pics. Come on. lets go.:laugh: I know i know it takes time
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    I'll bet Cat will be in the unveiling for a 306CR model soon too.
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    wow!!!!!!!! a 60d deere!!!!! i thought the 50 was to small and the 75 to big i got what i wanted!!!! i cant wait to run one now
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    Any pics of the 60d?

    Does it have the swing and thumb controls on the pilots?

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