I am confused about trailer capacities...

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by thepawnshop, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Dirty Water

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    A goosneck will track and handle far better than a "tag-along" trailer, but all the heavy guys out here use pintle hitch tag alongs for their 10 ton up to 30-40 ton trailers.

    I just think that you will be frusterated with a gooseneck once you get your dump.

    I also think that while a gooseneck will definitly work better with your one ton, you will be towing way too much regardless, and its going to be scary.
  2. thepawnshop

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    OK, Start2finish...truck: 7500lbs (loaded), trailer: 5000lbs, Machine: 12000lbs...total: 24500...room to spare!
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    This will handle things, but you will be at limits. 1,500# isn't lots of room to spare. Also remember that the 7 ton rated trailers are including the trailer weight minus tounge weight. so 17000 gross on trailer, you need to place 3000 on the truck. On this size setup I would hands down reccomend a gooseneck. 3000 tounge weight on a tag-along and this small truck will make it too light on front.

    I'm not saying you cannot pull a gooseneck with a dump, but you will have to remove the sides or a section of the sides to accomodate the turning radius.

    buy the gooseneck and consider updating your whole setup to a "2 ton" truck and tag-along when money allows.
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    A tag trailer is nicer if you are going to have a dump truck in your future either it be a 2 ton to tandem. You will never beable to haul a pintle hitch tag behind your 1 ton unless you want to make a custom front bumper you can add weight to to keep your front wheels on the ground :laugh:

    Even a tandem axle dump will see saw on the trunnion on the suspension if you get enough tounge weight.

    If there is some way they can make the front of the trailer adaptable in the future say the goosneck part bolts on so when you do want to convert the trailer to a pintle its doable. You are most definatly going to need a gooseneck to haul the excavator with the P/U to get the hitch weight over the rear axle.

    If you upgrade to a larger truck say a 5500 Chev and you use a box with fold down sides you still have the corner posts on the box to get in your way. Also if you run a longer box like a 12' dump you won't have enough reach on your gooseneck to get over the center line of the axle.

    Like I meantion if there is a easy way of modifying the front of the trailer so it can be converted to a pintle pull would be good.
  5. thepawnshop

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  6. Gravel Rat

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    Its your brakes that are the most important the suspension on the truck can be beefed up to make the truck handle the load better.

    With a dual tandem trailer your excavator can pretty much sit over the trailers axles and the truck just pulls it. A dual tandem trailer has pretty good stability.
  7. echovalley

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    I would go weigh your truck again,my 05 cummins 2500 pickup is 7700lbs empty
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    I have a 05 Ram 2500 cummins, 4X4 regular cab, st. With no tool boxes or anything in the bed, the truck weighs around 7050 with me in it and a full tank of gas.
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    I was basing that figure off of what I saw on "edmunds.com". You guys may be right...plus I have an 88 gallon transfer tank + toolbox on the back of my truck. Who knows. I really want this trailer...I just don't want it ot cost me a sh*t pot in the long run for being illegal.

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