I am finally starting it, any advice!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by choicecutlawns, May 15, 2012.

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    Well I have finally decided to make the leap in to mowing for money :)

    Here is a brief of my background and the current equipment I Have and if all goes well hopefully will be buying some better "real" equipment.

    I currently have two full-time jobs I guess you could say. I own a small chain of 3 computer stores which is my first passion. My other "day job" is as CIO of a community bank, I like my job but honestly can not stand the people I work for. I make a decent salary from both the computer stores and the bank but really like to mow yards. I mow my yard, a lady I work with and my parents. I am looking for any way possible to get out of the bank job but still have some income in its place.

    Here is a run down of my area. I am in Western Oklahoma and I have had about 4 or 5 people ask if I would mind mowing their yards. They all say the same thing, "every other lawn business is full and not taking new customers". I think the reason for this is oil field, anyone that would work in mowing is now in oil field making $20+ an hour. Before you suggest it, I am not at all interested in working oil field. Anyways, that got me to thinking, if this is indeed the case how many more people need yard service but can't find someone to do it. There are two large companies here in town and they are booked solid, one even sprays my yard for me. They are huge, big goose neck trailers multiple crews, fancy mowers and trucks, etc. I know I am getting a very late start to the season but I think the demand will be there. I am setting a goal of jest getting 10 clients this first season and using the equipment I have until fall and then upgrading to the correct grade equipment if all goes well.

    Here is my equipment:
    Troy-Bilt 21" 6.75hp self propelled (with bagger and mulcher)
    Weedeater 21" 4.25hp push (with bag and mulcher)
    Polan Pro Straight shaft trimmer with changable attachment
    Stick Edger attachment for Polan Pro
    Weedeat gas leaf blower
    2001 Ford Ranger (picked up for cheap from my dad)
    (I know most if not all of this is home grade but I intend to wear it out this summer if I need to and get better this fall)

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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