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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TandM, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. TandM

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    Hey guys I just found out that one of my friends has his bug liscense and fert/ pesticides liscence. He is now part of my crew. I am full service at 15 heck yes beat that. He has a truck equipment and a good relatinship with a supplier. I am tired of subbing it out. Everything is in house now. I have 3 employees now. Now I just need more yards to pay for all of this stuff.
  2. instyle

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    So, if he is part of your crew....and he has his own truck and equipment....

    This is making no sence.

    Any one can go buy some equipment and then find a friend who also has some, they could also say they are now "full service"....but without coustomers...without income...you have jack squat!!!

    Sounds like you have jack squat!
  3. EcoStar

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    Wow just wow:rolleyes:
  4. LushGreenLawn

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    Keep in mind if you are offering Squrt and Fert in your business name, you have to have a Pesticide Business License. You have to be certified to get this.

    Your employees on the other hand, do not have to be certified. They have to be operating under the supervision of someone who is certified (you)
  5. Sweet Tater

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    Come on, play nice, he's just a kid. We all need more lawns to pay for something.
  6. Sunstate Lawn

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    I was going to comment on your poor spelling. Something in the way of, "less time working, more time studying". Then I rethought it. You and your fert friend should partner up. That way his license covers you. He would own a portion of your company. Otherwise his license is useless to you in a legal sense. You might avoid trouble for a while, but eventually someone will turn you in.

    On a different note when I was 15 I was sneaking out at night to party with my friends.

    Good luck
  7. js.lawn

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    in my area business has to have and employee has to have it too
  8. bohiaa

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    Yeaaaa i like 90 days or something like that..........
  9. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    As stated in the above post. YOU the owner/operator has to have a commercial pesticide license to even offer fert/squirt. It does not matter that your friend has it you have to have it also. And as far as i know at 15 your not gona be able to get a license either so if you do continue to do this illegally which it is, then your looking for alot of trouble my friend. Hmmm i smell lawsuite?? or worse and also in my state your employees have to be registered with a pesticide license too...
  10. Weekes

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    First off great work! Good to see you wanting to make more of yourself. I hope these comments have not frustrated you, because you are headed for a successful future.

    That said these guys are all right. At 15 nobody should be comparing themselves to a full service company. Legally it is not possible.

    You don't have proper licensing.

    You can't legally hire employees.

    You can't do pest control.

    You can't purchase insurance.

    You can't enforce contracts.

    You are putting yourself in great danger of lawsuits and more.

    You say you have employees how are they protected?

    You are not gonna get pats on the back when you start bragging to guys that are legal. Many of the guys on here complain all the time about the people illegally in business. They are not gonna rally around you. Sorry, brutal I know; but those are the facts.

    Take a step back, do what you can legally and prepare for when you are old enough to get into the big stuff. Stay legal stay in business.

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