I am here for my stoning!!!!

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by gulfjoe, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Please tell me you didn't pay for that house as a small part time operation. I might need to raise my prices.
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    Good website for just a starter, the two things that drew my eye is the main pic is pixelated or something. Looks like it was a thumbnail picture then over enlarged. Its distracting. Also the name of your company/way it lays over the picture just looks off... Other then that it looks great, hope it ranks well!
  3. gulfjoe

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    I am fairly happy with my review from you guys... I am used to seeing you rip and tear peoples stuff apart. Thanks to all that left comments.
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    Hi Charles,
    Nice site, really, on your contact page maybe you should have a place for them to put a phone number and another spot for a street address. The best time to get all of this information is on the front side. That way if they send you a contact form and tell you what services they are interested in you can at least size up the house using google maps to get a better idea of the project scope. I'd strongly suggest the phone number field at least otherwise you may find yourself chasing ghosts so to speak. It also helps you if you are out in the field and a customer calls you but you don't have adequate time to go through everything right there on the phone with they you could kindly ask them to go to your website and fill out the contact information. By no means is it an effort to blow them off, rather it's a means to ensure you will get back to them as you will get the message in your email or for myself directly on my smartphone and they won't have to try and remember your email address that way.
    just my 2cents.
  5. gulfjoe

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    Thanks we will look in to that!!!
  6. gulfjoe

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    Any other reviews?
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  7. gulfjoe

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  8. inzane

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    Well... I like it! I think the main picture on the front page could have a more green, lush looking lawn and then it'd be even better. Nice job on the site.

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