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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WREBELMACHINE, Oct 20, 2003.


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    Today was a very bad day!

    I had to leave on an emergency and left a couple of employee's to finish mowing 40 acre park! I came back about 2hrs. later to find that almost nothing was mowed. I asked what is the deal, and they said that my bladerunner 27hp diesel was knocking, and my 32hp diesel bladerunner just quit! I am thinking what is up with this because I have had zero breakdowns with either machine and my 32hp has over 3000hrs. on her and the 27hp has just under 700.

    I go over to start my old reliable 32hp and it's just locked up! And I am thinking what in the world. So I go and start the 27hp up and sure enough it is knocking badly. OH NO! I am saying to myself with a few other words. So I load up the machines and take them to my dealer. I just got a call from him about 7:15 tonight and he tells that he got the 27hp tore down and it needs one rod bearing and two rod bolts. So I asked what in the world caused it to do that. He then tells me that the mower has been filled up with straight gas in it! Oh great now what? My dealer has the parts in stock for it and said he should have it ready tomorrow! Which is good news. My 32hp is going to need a little more help which is bad news. I quess I will have two less employee's tommorow! I am sure thankfull that I have a good dealer to take care of me in times like this!
  2. Ferdelance

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    were these new employees
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    Sorry to hear that,Like you said it is good your dealer is taking care of you.Best wishes.
  4. Floridalandcare

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    Two machines seizing up on the same day and at the same time , chances are 1 in a I don know (SLIM) , Either you need to fire your employees or you need to fire yourself for letting it happen .Anyways you guys know what I call.
  5. mpflood

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    WAnt the job done right do it yourself:cool:
  6. HarryD

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    how the heck do you put gas in the oil fill :confused: unless they did it to get out of working :mad: we had a guy that worked for us for about 1 week. he was always at the truck filling up his trimmer with 2 cycle I was like what are you doing and he would always say I ran out of gas on friday I caught him pouring the gas out of his trimmer. needless to say that was his last tank of gas ;)
  7. Floridalandcare

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    Harry I think he said they filled a diesel up with regular gas , If they filled the oil up with gas then he really needs to be fired and fire himself from the business for not training or at least showing his employees the difference between OIL fill and GAS (or DIESEL ) fill. Either way if an employee is that ignorant, then he has no business being left alone in the first place , especially on a 12,000 machine better yet two of them. Chris
  8. HarryD

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    I re read WREBELMACHINE post
    I had just skimmed over it real quik and see that is what he meant by straight gas :D
  9. husqvarna600c

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    i think you should put their names on here with their addresses and phone numbers so we can all give them a call and tell them what we think and the difference between oil and gas you know MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND!!!
  10. Jusmowin

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    I would fire those two and keep their checks for messing up your mowers.:angry:

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