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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Byerley, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Byerley

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    Hey everyone

    I am just getting ready to start out and had a few questions. When you bid a Blow Mow and edging job do you give the customer a price right there are mail it to them later. Also how much do you charge for trimming trees and bushes
  2. h2oskier

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    Most of the time it's better to give your quote right then and there, while the intrest in lawn care is high. If you decide to mail your estimate alot of times it gives the customer time to weigh the taking a picnic with there family that weekend or not. Get the picture?
    As to the trimming of trees and shrubs it depends on the amount, and the capablities of being able to trim the tree.
  3. coreyod21

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    I also would say its best to give the quote then and there. Ive had alot more success doing it this way. Plus mailing one in takes days. Thats time for them to find someone else to do the job. Also I would try to avoid giving quotes over the phone. People try to get me to do this all the time. Just use it to set up an appointment. That way you protect yourself from under bidding because the job can be harder then it sounds. Good luck
  4. Byerley

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    thanks :usflag::usflag::weightlifter:*trucewhiteflag*
  5. HPSInc

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    if its simple you should be able to do it there even if it takes you having to do some surveying and number crunching there. if its a landscape install job i would sit home and crunch the numbers, get material pricing, make sure im not forgetting anything., and get back with a quote.

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