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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Jun 28, 2001.

  1. lawnboy82

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    ok. today was not a fun day for me. it started off being that i got a 9,000 lb excavator for my house, to rip out plants. i wound up taking out the cable (TV) for the whole street. then i went to a customer's house to get paid some money. the woman owed me about 3,200.00 i wound up getting 2,000 in a green form. so she beat me for 1,000.00 then i got home, and my guy was still workin. we worked until about 9:30 pm. i went to get us dinner at Mcyd's and i told them 3 burgers. they gave me 1. and i had paid for 3. then i got back to my house and a customer calls. i had called them the other night to inform them that i would be cutting stumps on monday. they told me that some trees had to be cut down. no problem, 2 weeks. get a call back in about 5 minutes. no! you have 4 days to do it in. from now until thursday. saturday i cant work there, as per their religious stuff. and tomorow is no good cause i cut grass. i said i can do it sunday, however i will charge for overtime. they dont want to pay it. so i have to do it on monday. i will get my money for that. what else? then my worker's car had a flat. i was gonna drive him home. then he realized he had a spare. so i helped him change that, and in the process i broke a breaker bar. then i cleaned up and went inside. took a shower, went out to look at the trees. 4 of em. right by the lines / next to the building. stumps are in real bad places for those trees. then the 3 that they have been bugging me about, they are all covered with construction debris. didnt get in until 11:30 pm.
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    and I thought I had it rough today. that blamed ole stupid word of moputh. the next door neighbor to one of my little ole ladies called with the weed eater job from heck. I woudda turned him down but he played off of the little ole lady so I didn't want to ruffle the L-O-Ladies feathers.

    and by the way...as I count 'em, this is my 1000th post. I do believe that now I am a bonafied lawnsite adict. nice.

    greetings to all from ROCKY TOP, TENNESSEE!:D

  3. John DiMartino

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    Tore out the cable?here you never dig with an excavator without calling first,its the law.Call before you dig.Congrats Geo-
  4. gusbuster

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    John, I don't know about in other states, but at least here in California, call before you dig is a free service as long as you call 2 business days in advance.

    Not trying to defend lawnboy82, but those cable TV line installers do not know the difference between 4" or 2'. In a city that I do quite a few lawn installs, one of the agreements that was part of the franchise agreement that all cable would be buried at least 6" below sidewalk height. I can't tell you how many times I have clients tell me they lost cable because the water dept was changing their meter and sliced through the cable. Daly City had been in a lawsuit with TCI (now AT&T) for over 7 years for this issue. There's blame to go all around. Wouldn't you think that somebody from the city engineering department would check the work???

  5. lawnboy82

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    my parents have had the property marked numerous times, and i dont thiink i ever saw markings for those lines. also, i got the plants out without a problem they werent the reason for the lines gettin busted. in front of my house, there is the curb, and then about a foot or less behind that is an old curb which i had to get rid of to make another garden. so i figured the machine was there, so why not get a head start. wound up being that the guy had to bust it all up with the pick and 20 lb sledgehammer. probably pulled out a good ton of blacktop. but the line was burried about 4 or so inches below ground level. right there. plow trucks could knock it out if they hit hard enough. who cares. they spliced it, that is the end of it, hopefully.
  6. cos

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    Roll up a big......NO, just kiddin. Just remember there is always gonna be days like this.
  7. KD'sLawns

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    Well, my day was not near that bad. Finished a clean-up and came by the house to load mowers. Truck wouldn't start, thought it might be loose starter wire so tightened up and broke solenoid post off. Couldn't use my wifes car as we have it in the body shop( I backed over a covered wagon last week watering for a lady while she was out of town). Mother-in-Law picked me up a starter. She dropped it by and I put it on (PITA). Turned the key nothing. Called Sister-in-Law and she came over to jump it off. Started up and off we went, mowed first yard with truck running the whole time to let it charge. Got to second yard and turned it off. Finished up, got in and nothing! Called S-I-L again and I was up and going again (straight to the part store). My battery was bad, so put a new one in and it cranked right up. So, I had already lost over 2 1/2 hrs on downed truck time. So, we got busy and knocked out 8 more yards before dark. Today, have to make up for lost time.( How fun).
    Lawnboy, your day sounded like you needed to restart it. Hate to hear of anyone having that bad of a day. Maybe today will be all smiles!:p
  8. scottb

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    Sad thing is these type things happen from time to time. For me I just take a deep breath and usually have a good laugh because as I always say IT AINT WORTH GETTEN UPSET OVER. Just remeber when you wake up in the morning it will be a new day.
    Sorry to hear about all your bad luck,hope you can turn it around.
  9. Twotoros

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    Some plumber tore out phone lines a year back and the powers that be put him down with one shot. If you dig here without having undergrounds checked first you be a dead dog.

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