I am new to this site and have a couple of ? from the pros

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nepistolman, Feb 6, 2007.

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    I am a FFl dealer and have a couple of lots in town that I mow nothing real big about an avg. of 70hrs. per year on a mower and my local Walker dealer has a 2000 42"GHS 16hp v-twin pressurized oil system with 1300hours! He is wanting 3495 for it! Is that to much? What kind of things do I look for on it that may cause problems? He says that this motor is good for between 2000 and 3000 hrs if properly maintained and biggest thig is to keep dirt away from engine so it runs cooler! Please anyone help me out with any feed back and the other idea I had was to get a new dixon ztr but I really like the walkers setup and build! I think the walker is a better mower than the Dixon the only thing that scares me on it is the hours! Is that alot of hours or not? What kinds of things will go wrong? I only will use it for like 70 hours a year at the most so if it lasts to 2000 hours it will be ten years from now!
    Any input will be nice and thank you very much!
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    FFI dealer... Whats that? Lot size? Really if they are small properties than go for it. If they are larger than don't. Walker will make them look really good. What model is it? I'm thinking its a MCGHS?
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    Sorry FFL dealer Federal Firearms dealer! Yes the are small yards like 15000 square feet?

    I am not sure the model
    It is a 42" GHS 2000 with 16hp kohler v-twin with pressurized oil system

    What do you think of the price and thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it
    I really like the way walker pick up the grass and cut

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