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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by gm lawn, Sep 13, 2004.

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    Ok, I lost my drivers lic just as I started my Lawn Care Business. Now I have to pay someone to actually drive. I am JUST STARTING inthe business I have very few Maintainence accounts but I have done alot of Top Soil, Mulch and Reseeding as well as Retaining Walls. I need as much ADVISE as possible on how to land some good solid Maintainence Accounts.
    Also, Can someone tell me the best way to Estimate a Maintainence Service....
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    Loosing your license probally wasn't a good start but..hey stuff happens

    First, most of your calls will more than likely come from people that just happen to drive by and see you working or see you going down the road so make sure your truck has company name ph. # and inclules services you provide (lawn maintenance).
    once you get a few yards people will start to hear about you and the calls should pick up

    these are just my opinions take em or leave em
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    Hi gm lawn,

    Possibly calculate your expenses and figure out how much profit you need to make per hour and go from there?
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    is that you bobby,no i guess not.
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    welcome to the site. Soak up as much information as possible by doing searches and just reading (listening) to others

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