"i am not comfortable with this payment plan"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Apr 25, 2006.

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    i need to make a difficult decision, that will cost me 2 customers, if i don't " bend" on my payment arrangements. now, we cut thier lawns for the last two yrs, two homes, side by side. they were both on the "old" billing system, which involved billing mid month, for that month, with the payment due on the last day of the month. that didn't work out, because, i constantly had to call, and send 2nd invoices, and the payment was always late. this year, i switched them over to monthly pre pay. this is where the payment for services for the entire season gets broken into 9 equal payments, with the first one due april 1st (we actually don't mow though, till the 21st onward). they made thier first payments, then decided this was unfair, because they pay april 1st, then again may 1st, but at this point, i've only been there twice (4/21 + 4/28). i tend to think it's "unfair" that the invoice i sent to one of them on nov. 28th, wasn't paid, until jan 18th. i tend to think it's unfair, that the other invoice that was sent for dec 9th snow, wasnt paid until mid february. if i allow the customers to make thier own due dates, i may as well punch thier time clock. however, i'm getting alot of hassles over my payment terms, and i'm not sure why. i guess it's just human nature, that when u tell somebody "you must" do this , or " you must " do that, they automatically resist. help me out here
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    Bobby, we had a simular problem till we made them 2 options if they didn't pay on time. 1. pre-pay or 2. get put on a credit card and we will debit it every 2 weeks. this makes them think they are in control, but you actually got them. if you don't take credit cards, it is very easy to get set up for it.
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    do you ever work?
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    it may work in some areas, but not where im at... no nonsence farm folk...... and they arent paying for something they havent had yet, period , and honestly, neither would i.....

    but you are correct, you cant let them be so late on payment, did you call after the invoice was late a talk to someone, this usually fixes any proplem i have ....

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