I am Ready to purchase - Please advise?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by shortgrass01, Sep 16, 2006.

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    Howdy Guys, I need to get a mower. I seen many... However I thought i had made my mind up to just shoe string it, and a nice residential riding mower from lowes. In the last few weeks of learning, I think I better go commercial.

    So my question is- what can I get for 2k. what do yall like the most. 36 to 42' is fine, WB is Fine...as long as it has one of them jazzy step on ride. "grins"
    Im in Aiken SC, just in case someone is selling one ..around 300 hrs. I'm an ex-salesman.. and All i get is high pressure sales when i try to buy from a dealer. which runs me out the door. If you guys have any good advice and/or is very pleased with there main mower, I'd sure like to get one soon. All the ones i like are 5k. which I am way too tight to buy 5k worth of mower period. Unless I was still superintendant at a golf cource, spending someone else money. " Grins "

    Thanks Yall
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    You could use a thousand of that and put it down on a new ZG or ZD kubota. They have 0% for 36 months right now.

    Use the other thousand for a nice blower and string trimmer :)

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    All the ones i like are 5k. which I am way too tight to buy 5k worth of mower period.

    Mowers do not "cost" money--- they make it.
    Decide what you want to make of your company and invest the right amount to make that happen

    If you were a salesmen, than you made great money as all good salespeople are some of the top paid people in our country, I am sure you got out to explore the other side of the working world, (the sweat part:laugh: ) so use some of the money you have to start your next adventure right. with true commercial equipment.
    You will never regret it

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