I am SICK of Lowballers and the PITAS they have created...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcplace2004, Nov 24, 2005.

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    Had one meathead call me up and want me to pick up 35 huge bags of leaves for 25 dollars! WTF! I was wondering what would cause someone to be such an idiot so I called a few business and asked them what their price would be...has one guy tell me 30 dollars and another guy 2 dollars a bag...what a huge difference in price...what does the 30 dollar guy do? Does he shove the bags of leaves of his A$$? I do leaf cleanups and am amazed what customers want you to do them for...I suppose they think I have a magic gun that I zap the heavy, rain soaked, partially decomposed leaves and make them disappear...Time and labor, fuel, vehicle wear and tear, dump fees, etc add up the costs that pitas don't want to pay cause lowballers have caused...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!...many of you are reading this post right now and saying "but the case of beer and peanuts that I work for is totally worth it!" I took several accounts from lowballers by charging more per week for lawn service and I laughed all the way to the bank...many of these lowballers are criminals also...I am using this to my benefit by providing a criminal background check...straight from the prison they buy a trailer and a mower and start mowing yards! Do people know this?...I indirectly let a customer know that there are people with felonies providing shoddy lawn service to their properties...Would you want a child mo mowing your lawn around your children and family? I know for a FACT that there are many criminals providing lawn service cause I have talked to them...Market your quality work and not the price and the lowballers will be run out of business sooner than later...let's rid ourselves of these weeds of landscaping...Let's send a message to the piece of $hit customers that want to pay zilch for services...
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    good thread mate these idiots morons call them what you will have to be told but in saying all that some customers suit certain "operations" you always get what you pay for
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    I see you feel about the same concerning low ballers/cutters that I do. I wish I could find a way to do everything at their prices (gas, beer, and pork rind money) and still maintain and pay for my equipment, bills, and everyday life. I also can't stand the guys that spit out so much BS when they are talking to a client to get the job and get way in their pockets... Only to not do the job right, with the wrong materials, and half ass it. Wait... The only good thing about that is the ripped off customer calls you, you give them a decent "competitive" price, quality work, explain to them how overcharged they were, and show them professional landscaping should be left to the professionals. The low ballers and BS'ers usually end up killing themselves. You can only go around so many times doing crap work for low/high prices before the word of mouth spreads about your services and your phone stops ringing. Unfortunately they all seem to make a last ditch effort knocking doors in one of your neighborhoods. I've got a nephew that's in "the game" also. He's a high price BS'er. I've been to around 15 of his screw ups this year and I don't know what I'd do or say if the clients actually knew we were related. I know he gets well enough pissed when he sees me on his ex clients lawns though. LOL. I'd hate to see his business fail being that he's family and all... But it's his steering wheel and he's the one driving...
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    I often wonder what would happen if all of us, somehow started to charge uniform, profit making fees for our work. If these cheap customers can't find anyone to mow their acreage for $25.00, how many of them would break down and buy a used Crapsman (if they can find one that runs) and mow it themselves and how many would bow to the new uniform pricing structure and pay what we need to stay in business?
    I know. Very hypothetical question but I'd like to hear a few opinions.
    Maybe I should start a new thread. Don't want to hijack this one.
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    You all should call a low-baller by his proper designation...Mow-Joe
  6. jimmbo407

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  7. topsites

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    I call them Jacks of all trades {Masters of None}, thou I like the name 'Sanford & Son' as well...

    The only thing I have to say is this is not at ALL uncommon this time of year, it is what I mean when I say EVERYBODY will call you for LEAVES - People who ask you for NOTHING the entire rest of the year WILL ask you about leaves! Translation: Clueless.

    I had a situation... Lady refers someone to me (this is one part I hate about word of mouth) then I come back to the original house and she makes mention of the referral (and I knew what was coming) so of course wants me to do the leaves / grass-cut at a discount... It WOULD've cost 60 dollars but I said ok, I'll do it for 50... Ohhhhhh (cry me a river) all I got is 45 boo-hooo, ok FINE and it took me 70 minutes at FULL speed and I was feeling the irritant flowing in my veins, 45 dollars cash as if ripping off the IRS is any better, so to speak.

    I did the math: Ok, word of mouth = Free advertising, so I got one customer and IF I went with NO paid advertising, I just had to give a 25 percent discount (straight off the top)... Got it. Now, paid advertising costs me no more than 3 thousand dollars / year which happens to be 10 percent of my annual gross - Hmmmm... 10 percent PAID advertising or 25 percent for FREE advertising (see what I mean about word of mouth).

    So I thought, ok ONE time you got me, no more... And yes you know it, next week's phone call: HEY can you do my LEAVES for 35 !!!???
    Man I about blew a gasket but did manage to hold the pressure in... I told her flat out it was 50 dollars / hour for that blower she watched me use (oh yes, great machine she says but no grass-cut this time) to which I told her the great machine costs a thousand dollars and it costs 50 dollars / hour to run and it would cost what it cost based on how long it takes, if it took less than an hour, 40 dollar minimum but if it took longer, then it costs more.

    Another few days go by...

    Then, another call... Can you do just my BACK yard for 35 ???
    Repeat: Minimum charge for leaf cleanup is 40 dollars and it runs 50 dollars / hour.

    I swear, once you breed them (even if by accident) or THEY help breed the monster OR another Lco breeds it, it never ends...

    Hated to do it, elderly lady... Limited income... (not to say I don't think SOME old folk got a TON of cha-ching)
    But what am I supposed to do? Help ONE like that and 100 more follow ...
  8. nitrotim

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    I think the problem with this is
    #1 It may be a form of price fixing which is against the law if it can be proven.

    #2 unfortunately your never going to get everyone to adhere. Somebody will eventually drop their price to get buisness. It might be as little 2 bucks or as high as 20. but someone will eventually do it;.
  9. topsites

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    I agree, thou I feel members of this site MAY be guilty of doing it at one time or another, no doubt remains this forum has helped me and others out greatly with this problem.

    Furthermore, it is actually GOOD for your business to ALLOW these folks to call the low-ballers (this helps out natural selection AND lets THEM fight it out amongst themselves). I used to try and explain and educate but I got tired of it, I just tell them sorry but my schedule is full.

    Far as the criminal record check, that's neat thou I am a convicted felon stemming from a drinking and driving incident in 1992 (3rd+ offense)... Some DO reform, I no longer drink at all, I don't do drugs, thou coffee and nicotine are my weakness, those are my worst sins today. My driving record is perfect (THAT took 8-10 years, lol). Still, I have no qualms about someone using this for educating customers, we all know MOST criminals do not or can not reform ... In my case I still consider it a miracle I was able to stop drinking ...
    Which, considering the thing said about beer money, this leads to possible drinking incidents (there are a few threads in this forum where a non-member Lco was seen intoxicated in the field - once reported, it's over).

    Peace out
  10. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    That's why I said it was an hypothetical question. :waving:

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