I am such an idiot..

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Thats why there called extras, haha. Just be honest if hes a friend. Your young learning and tell him
    "I sat down and did some figuring and cant do the job for that. Im sorry but Im still new and learnng."
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    Legally as a minor any contract you make is voidable. This means that the contract is not enforceable. In fact you could take the money, or down-payment and walk away, and this fellow would have no legal discourse. That would be neither neighborly or business savvy, but the fact remains. The reason for this law is to protect your exact situation, where a minor gets effectively strong-armed into a contract that they should never be in. The law generally applies more to purchases made by minor's but still covers this situation.

    Having established that you really don't have to do the job I see 3 options.

    Option 1: is tell your brother in law (really your sister, cause she's pulling his strings if you know what I mean) that his friend is bending you over, and ask him to help you get out of the situation.

    Option 2: Run like hell. I've backed out of job's before. As far as I'm concerned as long as you don't have any money from him yet (or you can get him a full refund) and you aren't past your start date, and you don't have a specific clause prohibiting this: I'd just say that you are no longer comfortable doing the work, recommend somebody else and wish him the best.

    Option 3: Rescind your estimate, and offer to do the work T&M with fair warning that it will cost more then originally estimated. If he says he is going to help, then point out that this is more fair to both of you, as his time has an effect on the price.

    Wishya Luck
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    Before you go any further....call it what it is and tell him the truth. Tell him you ****** up, inform him of what it would REALLY cost....offer to stop or maybe he should get estimates which you could match in the very least. Don't go further until clearing the air......it is one thing to end up realizing it after the fact....it is another to have not started or just started and know you are going to working for free. You have to be honest and on your OWN game. You are working to better yourself, not do favors or help other peoples business at your loss.:waving:
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    Subcontract it out to a low baller lower than you!
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    If you value your word and gave it then do the job.
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    why would he get money if you get the job. Did he give the owner a price and then lowball you into working for him?

    Anyways, sounds like you have some family drama coming for christmas
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    Ask your dad... he knows you would hav f*cked up, and he should provide decent advice.

    However, tell him you can't do it. because you can't. Then give him the money he's given you, and walk out the door.
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    He wants to help me.. thats why he'd get some money..

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