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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by nvrstsfd23, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. nvrstsfd23

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    I need some input. I am placing a bid on 30 acres of grass. The fertlizer I am going to use for the bid is calling for a spread of 12,500 square feet per 50lb bag. The calculation for this coverage is 120 bags or 3 tons. Does this sound about right or not. I'm just a little unsure have never done a job this big before.
  2. jose85

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    well ur right with 4 bags per 1 acre or 3 and 1/2 and if just cost alone for the product is going to be 1680.00 at 1 bag per 14.00 bag .... so i you charge 30.00 bucks for the product and labor i would charge the 14.00 for the product and and 11 for labor to get the bid thats just me lol which would be around 1320 for labor and 1680 which would be like 3000.00
  3. standeruser

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    sounds good or just double the cost per bag what ever works for u. Thats quite a big Job,What are you going to use to apply the Fert? that may come into play with the price. Good Luck.
  4. jose85

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    yea thats would almost everyone would do double the cost per bag thats why i said to take off 5 bucks so he can get the job instead of 30 bucks per 1bag which would include labor and product you can charge 25 cheaper :hammerhead:
  5. standeruser

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    :dizzy: Whatever man, I was just putting my 2 cents in:cool2: :waving: :drinkup: :sleeping: :dizzy: :hammerhead: :clapping: :dancing: :confused: :usflag: ;) ;) :) :nono: :walking: :laugh:
  6. turf hokie

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    I think the above formulas basically amount to working for free. Way low in my opinion.

    Double the price of a bag??? Not good math.

    But equipment does play into it a little. How quickly can you get it done? How wide open is the turf? Is it a condo or ball fields?

    Just b/c it is a big job does not mean it will make big money.
  7. nvrstsfd23

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    It's open turf and we will use a tractor with a 500lb spreader.
  8. ThreeWide

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    My advice would be to establish a price per acre and then go from there.

    This would also make it easy to determine if your pricing was in line with what other companies charge. If you asked for my rate, each application would be around $130 to $150 per acre for a job of that size depending on many other factors.

    Like others said, multiplying the product cost by some factor is a recipe for losing money.
  9. jose85

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    wow take your risk it by losing 17 bucks a acre...thats saying if you go with 130 and if you go with 112 which doubles the price of 4 bags at 14 then not only are you doing cheaper but you can get the bid and since you are ussing 500 lbs at a time it should be real eazy
  10. teeca

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    just because the bag says to apply at a certein rate doesnt mean you need to.. if you have the customer on a fert program, then you can tweek it to what you want. first, what is the fert? 30-2-8? well how much N do you want to put down? at 30-2-8 @ 3.5# perK that is about 1# N, do you realy need that much? or can you adjust it down to 2.5# perK and put down .75# N. that way you can be more competitive, make more money, and still have a happy customer.

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