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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captken, May 3, 2003.

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    The picture above is of P&J's Hustler Super Walkbehind, not of my 37" Hustler Walkbehind. Mine looks the same to me, but on a much smaller scale. His is larger and has the bigger Kawasaki engine with DUAL exhaust and Donaldson air cleaner! plus the larger deck. That has to be the ultimate Bad Boy walkbehind. I've never seen one live [yet]

    I'll bet on some of those gates where that extra inch causes a problem [entering the gate head on] can be accomplished by angleing it through.
    One account has a gate that is near some steps that wouldn't let my friends John Deere HD 45 pass through [we had to use our 21" JD mowers] was no problem for the Hustler.
    Again the control bar system is simplicity in itself, allowing you to do things like that with confidence. Twist-n-Go. The best in the industry. In my opinion.
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    They need a 32" twin bladed machine similar to other brands but with the Hustler hydro and control system. Keep the floating deck too.
    As for angling it to get through the gate, sometimes this isn't possible because the gate is right up to a house or garage or there is something on the other side to keep you from angling the other direction, like the gate being on a side of a building instead of a corner. I have never needed to angle through one but I have a couple gates where you couldn't do it.
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    Read some of Runner's post on how to put a 52" deck through a 36 inch gate
  4. Why you wont buy it, plus you can't afford it.

    32" is for a small market.....They have the Gatemaster/Gatestar/Gatewhatevertheyaregoingtocallit.
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    LOL maybe I won't buy it anytime soon but Im' sure they could find plenty of buyers for it.

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