i bought a WB lesco/and i HATED IT!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnRanger, Jun 22, 2000.

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    ill take lawn boy over lesco any day! for small yards that is. ( thats ill i do) i took out a tree with it the other day it hard to stop 600 lbs. OPPS! i sold it today<br>for 1500.00 i can buy 30 lawnboys to one lesco! hum i think i made the right choice for me.the lescos to hard to controll! and sucks gas down quick! i can cut 3 to 4 lawns with one tank full in my l.b. i really didnt save that much time either! an 1 1/2 hrs with lb or 40 mins. with the lesco!but the lesco scalps! cant get close to things and it takes out anything in its path!!im wondering if theres a bigger pusher out there? instead of a 21&quot; is there any thing bigger? a 25&quot; or 28&quot;but not a wb!with pistol grips! (yuck)!ty mark!
  2. trimmer

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    snapper makes a bigger walk behind without pistol grips I think it is 26&quot; or somewhere around there you might want to go check it out. You might be able to mow faster with it than you did with the lesco. You also might want to check out the toro 32&quot; walk behind I know its not what you are looking for but get a demo and see what you think. Well that is my opinion.<p><br>Exquisite Lawn Services <br>Central Floridia<br>Where the grass is tough!
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    THELAWNRANGER - Let me clear a few things up in your post so you don't turn off the other new guys to commercial size mowers. <p>You said Lesco scalps........I bet I can make your lawn boy scalp!! <br>THE OPERATOR MAKES THE LESCO SCALP<p>You said the lesco is hard to stop. I disagree, I can stop it, it has brakes right? YOU HAD TROUBLE CONTROLLING YOUR LESCO<p>The Lesco takes down everything in its path. I don't think it did it on purpose. I'm sure it didn't appreciate hitting the tree, cause then your talking bent blades, and by the time you spend hours weekly bending them back straight, etc. (hehehehehe) YOU COULD NOT STEER YOUR LESCO AROUND THE TREE YOU RAN OVER!!!<p><br>I'm not bashing you man, I just want you and the other guys that your talking about some very productive equipment if your properly trained and know how to use it. You have to get used to it, like anything else. It can save you time if you get the right mower for the job. You cut your time in half almost, isn't that pretty good?? And about sucking gas, I dunno what your talking about but remember this, your cutting almost 3 times the grass each pass compared to your 21&quot;<p>One more I didn't agree with. The Lesco can't get close to things. WHY NOT? THAT SHINEY GREEN PAINT ON THE NON-DISCHARGE SIDE OF YOUR DECK.............PEEL IT OFF!!! THATS HOW CLOSE THE LESCO CAN GET. YOUR THE ONE WHO COULDN&quot;T GET CLOSE.<p>I hope you don't get pissed at me for trying to explain this, I don't know of any other way to put it. I hope I can give you a little insight on the problem you had. One more thing, you blamed this all on the Lesco.......the things you didn't like are 90% standard on all walkbehinds (pistol grips, and all that other good stuff) I don't think it sends the right message when your post title is I HATE MY LESCO, or whatever it was. You should agree after what I've told you that YOU DIDN&quot;T LIKE YOUR 48&quot; MOWER FOR PERSONAL REASONS&lt; NOT BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN BRAND. I hope this helps and again, hope you have better luck with new equipment in the future!!<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti
  4. I had the same problem at a lesco open house.<p>Since I am a Toro operator I have little to no exp. with pistol grip steering.<p>The Lesco manager &quot;tried&quot; to sell me this 48&quot; hydro that had a stand on sulky attached.<br>It was one of those old 17hp one cyl. Kaws.<br> after he pull started it a dozen times<br>(and worked up a good sweat) it fired.<p>It tired to run the thing around the parking lot but IMHO that pistol grip steering<br>just plain sucked.<p>You have to give those lawn boys the boot<br>ranger. What you need is a 32&quot; Toro.<br>If you can buy brand new the Toro twin blade 32 which is an eXmark metro with toro steering is the why to go. They have a real cheap model with a 10.5 hp Briggs.<p>Or you could get a used single blade 32&quot; Toro. They have been in production for 10 years so they are availble from time to time.<p>Also try raising your deck up by a half inch if your are scapling.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: lawrence stone
  5. GrassRoots Lawn Care

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    Everything I was thinking about saying in response to your post, Guido and Stone already said. It's not the equipment, its the operator. Don't feel bad though, ALL of us and I mean ALL of us had trouble when we first started with larger more powerful equipment. Just take the time and learn. I'm sure the guys at Lesco will take the time to show you.<p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida
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    Guido-I agree alot with your statement!I bought a scag 36 last year and it took me about 4 months to get use to the controls.At somepoints I would get very angry when I would loose control of it but now that I am use to running it.I think it is one of my favorite mowers!<p>thelawnranger-I know you thought the lesco went through alot of gas.Trust me!Walkbehinds are awsome on gas.My Walker go throught twice the gas as my walkbehind.Don't dissmiss all walkbehinds!!!!!Maby there is one out there that you will love!I try to keep my mind open to any mower.I use to think Walker was the best and there was nothing close to it.I still feel they are the best for clean-ups and bagging but I know there are better mowers out there for different uses.<p><p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
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    Simply I agree I dont like lesco it was my first com. machine .toro the way to go
  8. Starling Lawn

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    ranger,i`m not sure if i recommended the lesco to you in an earlier post or the chat room.i had the same problem when i bought my 1st pistol grip.stupid me started in 4th gear,ran across my yard and into my garage.cinder block does not like being hit by wb`s.the point is ,try to find a wb you are comfortable with and practice with it before you take it on your customer`s lawns.it will take some time ,but a bigger mower is the way to go.<br>dave<br>
  9. OP

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    thanks for the replys!<p>ok im not mad. BUT....<br>im not in this for the money!<br>i do this to relax! i have a nervous condistion and mowing helps!!!<br>i bought a lesco thinking it would help saving time! so i could spend more time at home with the kids. BUT...<br>i hit two trees killing one!<br>scapled about 8 times on some very picky custerms!!!! it just to big for small 40by100<br>lots!! with dips and valleys it tore up a whole crap load of grass i got yelled at really bad! scaple this ladys grass twice<br>not b/c of operator error! just b/c pistol grips SUCK! and its to big and bulky for tight spots!i never scapled in three years with l.b. i bought another one today from my neibor 30$ hahaha ill make 100's off that return. i think us (me) small guys!<br>who arent in it for the MONEY shouldnt waste r money buying big expenisive useless junk.<br>i spent more time worring about scapling and hitting crap then relaxing! lol with my lb i can just cut! and relax ! and im happy!!!<br>i can buy 30 more lb to that ONE LESCO!!!!!<br>ps i like money but im in it for the peolpe too. i take pride in finishing a job PERFECT!<br>with lb i can do it and i do it well.i never advertize my work does it for me<br>
  10. lawnworker

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    if your happy iam happy but as for me i will stick with my pistal grip exmark walkbehinds nothing like the durobuility of those strong decks and greasable casters.

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