I bought it. Now what do I do with it???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Not that any one appears interested, but Ric's Ride had a minor set back when the Brand new Magneto went out like a light. My Mechanic was out of town to a equipment show and so the Ric/s Ride project sat until yesterday when the Replacement Magneto was installed.

    Today I treated over 25 acres for Fire Ants using baits and it took me just under an hour. I made some of the best per hour money in my life today but only for one hour. I also did the most profitable Low Ball pricing because of Ric's Ride, so everyone got a bargain.

    Still to come is the 200 gallon Spray Tank and Boom Less Nozzle for a start. I am also thinking of adding a shielded Boom for herbicides or growth Regulators. But first I must find a larger market for treating large acreage. While there is a need to treat a lot of acres, There is not always a demand for it.

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    So Ric did you treat the hole 25 Acres or did we just spot treat. That seems like a lot to do in a hour.

    When are you going to post photos. Or does it still look like the photos in post 30. If so how did you treat ?

    Charles Cue
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    I can attest. Its pretty quick, I drove it around his neighborhood yesterday. Made me cry that I paid more for my spyker spreader than Ric paid for this toro work saver. Thing is built like a tank runs and looks awesome. And it will outlive ric for sure:laugh: so i get first dibs:laugh:
  4. Ric

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    Banning or striping is as effective as blanket treatments when it comes to baiting large areas. The Worker ants find it because of a special smell and take it home to momma. Worker Ants travel up to a 100 ft in any direction from their nest. Therefore you only run a pattern to cover 50% of the feeding area.

    FL Land

    You should have taken a Picture and E mailed it to me for LS. But there isn't a lot of visible progress at this time. The tank etc has a little time to go yet. One current problem is the lack of weight on the rear wheels for traction. I sure a 200 gallon tank will take care of that.
  5. Ric

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    Rereading your question I realize I might not of fully answered it. The Reese reciever welded on the front bumper holds a Herd Spreader for spreading Fire Ant baits. It also will spread seeds but not fertilizer. From the drivers seat back it is still frame only. That is Phase TWO of Ric's Ride.
  6. fl-landscapes

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    Yup Ill take a pic next time im over. When ar eyou getting a tank anyway? That something you will get local?
  7. Ric

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    FL Land

    The tank is one of the design hold backs right now. Finding the best Tank design is key before moving on. The large Turf Tires only leave about 33 inch clearance. Either I find a round or oval tank etc to fit that space or I build a Flat bed over top of the wheels. I don't want to hang a tank off the back either, I want the keep this as short as possible. I would like to keep the tank as low as possible for balance reasons. If you look earlier in this thread Riggle made a good tank suggestion and was thinking along the same lines.

    The one thing it does have is power and right now with very little weight Speed. Fill a 200 tank and I sure I' ll lose a few MPH. But Right now it is too fast.

    The problem with this equipment is finding enough work for it. But I am into it cheap enough, it doesn't have to work but just a little.
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    Is there equestrian activities in your area. I know they like to have fire ant treatments done and possibly use it for spraying bermuda polo fields.
  9. Ric

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    I did Polo Fields years ago and they are not easy. Horses can tear up a field real quick.

    But we do have some 5 and 10 acre Horse Estates here in a couple of areas that might be an excellent market. I think key advertisement might be directed at Horse Clubs and feed stores where Horse people can see a PICTURE of Ric's Ride with a sign stating how much cost effective (low ball) treatments can be. 46-0-0 spreadable granules would be cheap and effective way to grow Pasture Grass. What the Heck just call me "Pasture Grass" without all the misinformation and BS.
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    what you get first dibs????

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