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I'm spiffin' up my trailer and I'm sick and tired of fooling around with these other methods of strapping down my Z. It's time consuming and doesn't keep my mower in place. I've had enough.

So I bought a set of Fastraps and I hope they are quick. But most of all I just hope they keep the dang thing still. So anyways they are here. I opened one up and I'm pleased so far with the design and quality. But I was expecting some REAL HARDWARE. I got screws?

My Z is not real heavy and my trailer floor is good and strong. But screws? Maybe they hold stronger than I think? Or should I run out and get some bolts?

I'm thinking bolts. Plus I'm thinking of maybe some 2x4's underneath and big, thick and strong fender washers. Yes or am I thinking of over doing it? Are the screws sufficient?

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I guess the length would have something to do with it, but screws, I would have thought they would have good size bolts. With the machine weight and the trailer bouncing and all. I would get some good size bolts for it.


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Envy, Go with the bolts.. I'm thinking of some for my trailer, do they recommend two ( one for each side) or can you use 1 per mower? I would use bolts with some big washers. If you have a 2x floor on the trailer I don't think you need another 2x under it, A large washer will not pull through. Good luck on the install, good day for it, looks like rain anyway. Let us know how it works out.


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ENVY - Keep us posted as to how well these units preform for you, they look mighty strong and should stabilize your machine very nicely. I am looking for something that is quicker and stronger that my assortment of 'D-Rings" and '2" Ratchet Straps' used to secure the front of my mower, the 'D-Rings' are backed by a steel plate and through the floor bolted for maximum pullout strength, when securing the machine with the ratchet strap I always wrap the front frame once before connecting the hook end, that stops the front from moving but on rough roads the rear of the Z will hop around a bit. Straps that you have will stop all movement.
How long does it take you to connect and secure the straps on both rear wheels?
I have never timed myself when securing my machine but it feels like it takes forever when you are in a hurry.


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I got them for my 60" Z and have been using them for a week now and they work greeeaat. I highly suggest them. It takes about 5 to 7 seconds to secure each rear wheel now.

I forgot to mention that I used the supplied screws and they are still tight as of now. hope this helps.


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Straps? I set the brake and forget it. Of course, that wouldn't help much in a wreck now would it? Anybody got pics of these "fastraps"?


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I love my fastraps.

I just put a set on my trailer for my 60" Z and they are really nice. Fast and secure the equipment great.

I got the first set from Lesco, but had trouble tracking down a second pair for my walkbehind. I ordered them from Northern Tool a couple weeks ago and they are still not here. Supposed to be shipped already but not here. Also have two blower racks that are backordered:mad:

I bought bolts instead of using the screws. Screws would probably be fine but I wanted to be safe. Just use fender washers on the bottom.

It's a lot faster than using ratchet straps and d-rings (as you can still see on my trailer in this pic.



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I have used them since August for my JD 757. They work well. And they hold on very tightly, which is nice. Although someday, when my trailer boards age, I'll have to replace the screws with bolts. You'd think that for the money they'd come with bolts, knowing the concerns of us LCO's.

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