I Built a Professional DIY site for $30/year

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by johnwright238, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I built http://www.summitmowers.com and would be happy to help any of you who want to build their own site and can not code html. I can't either and Yola is easy to use and only charges 30 bucks a year.

    Leave comments below with questions and I will answer for others to learn from as well.
  2. johnwright238

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    Ask about driving traffic to your site and if you know any secrets to getting traffic, spill the beans for us all to learn from.
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    Do you have a link for Yola, I'm interested, as their site says $6/month minimum.

    (also, just a suggestion, drop the "counter" on the hope page, especially since it is so inaccurate)
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    You asked about driving traffic, and your site is part of that equation, so I'm going to give a bit broader feedback. Took a quick pass and I'm going to disagree on the site quality and say that it's a get what you pay for situation. You've got, to me at least, a dream web project for someone because you have an awesome looking product to build it around, and it seems as if the site is a DIY marketing afterthought.

    You have some decent photography on it, but with your product, you should get a professional photographer to get some great photos to use (if you're a bootstrapping start-up, ask around. Decent photographers are plentiful and can be hired inexpensively, especially if you storyboard the shots you want ahead of time). As it is, I get more of a shade tree mechanic project mower as opposed to what could be positioned as a great piece of military-style hardware. As you say in the copy, "Because of its jaw-dropping appearance", but the site doesn't back it up as much as it should.

    Also, some of the pics you blew up to fit various banners , such as this one, just look poorly done as their quality/graininess is pretty bad. They need to be sized properly, instead of just blown up larger, so that they don't have these issues.

    Regarding secrets to getting traffic, you should really go through and address the various SEO issues you have, from H1-H6 tags, Meta Description, image tags, etc. This will help you immensely.

    Getting back to generating traffic, if you had high-resolution, high-quality photography and great copy written around it, my educated opinion is that you could pull ridiculously good traffic by submitting links to the right blogs. Let them provide coverage, and links, by writing articles about your "toys for big boys" (I would absolutely position some of your marketing towards this segment. That provides significantly better coverage, and traffic, than commercially-targeted publications). I would absolutely be looking at the tech product/gadget/mens' product blogs that produce some of the truly great traffic (uncrate.com, gizmodo.com, lifehacker.com and on and and on...).

    Definitely take a look through the archives of uncrate.com (a phenomenally successful and high-traffic blog and 40k Twitter followers that get nothing more than a link to each post, so it's not very useful, but, well...40k people still follow to see something they'd probably visit each day anyway) and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
    Here's a quick example: http://uncrate.com/stuff/paintball-robot/

    My dos cents...

    (I used to own an LCO, but have been a web developer/online strategy consultant for 15 years, working with start-ups to multiple Fortune 100 companies.)
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