I call b.s. On proslide sulkys

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Oct 12, 2011.


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    Alright, here is my rant and the reason i am making this thread. I recently this year purchased an exmark turf tracer with a 1 year old proslide that wasnt installed(still in box) but was brand new and i just drilled holes, put it together and it works great. I have had the mower for 3 months and use it around 25 hours a week. I replaced the skid plate(the poly plate that the sulky slides on, on September 4th. Come to find out today when i am going back from the first stripe in the lawn, that there is a hole on both corners from being rubbed away all the way through the back half of the skid plate (the back 6-8" where i stand.

    Is it just me or are these things more maintenance than they are worth it? a new plate is like 50 dollars shipped, i'm not going to pay 400 dollars a year for a fricken skid plate to replace it every month.

    I just want to know basically, that is it from my fat ass being to heavy for it 5'10" 195#.

    I do find myself on the back of the platform more than using the whole things because its way to close to the handles and when the front castors hit bumps it slams me in the nuts, but who else has this problem?

    I am thinking i should just get a piece of 3/16" stainless and bolt it on and see how long it lasts. I mean, if it lasts 3 months and i pay 20 bucks for a 3x3' sheet, thats pretty good.

    Let me know, i'll get picture of both skid plates tomorrow.

  2. greenman92

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    I have used a proslide xt for two seasons now. I am on my second replacement skid. I ride over concrete as much as I need to. I am so surprised u went through it that quick as one almost lasts me a whole season. Maybe if u added another plate to the diamond plate on the bottom between the plastic to stiffen it so it spreads the weight of where you stand? I weight 160 myself and it was just in the right spot on my Deere 7h17. Make a bracket to extend it back so your feet are in the middle bet that would help. Mine wears through in the front and middle not back.
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  3. Richard Martin

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    And yet I can go years on end with my Velke and never have to replace anything and... the air filled tire gives a bit of cushion.

    Now you know why it was still in the box.
  4. Groomer

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    start walking your behind with the walk behind.
  5. Darryl G

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    Sounds like you're getting uneven wear due to uneven weight distribution. Move forward and wear a cup, lol.
  6. wahlturfcare

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    check to make sure there isnt anything stuck between the slide plate and the aluminum. I sell lots of them and guys do complain when they wear out from the middle or rear first.

    You also might have too much of a angle on the mount. Which hole are you using on the mounting plate?
  7. metro36

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    I have been running mine since July. I use it about 10 hours per week on my wide open properties. I have very little wear on mine. Just a few scratches. I don't use it on hard surfaces. Some of my lawns aren't the greatest and have some rocks in them but it hasn't been a problem.

    Do you use it on asphalt or concrete? Are your properties rough? Im about the same size and weight as you so I doubt that is part of the problem.
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    We gave used them, replaced the skid plate about once a year.dont be lazy and use them on concrete! Use on grass only and you won't be wearing them out like that.
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    what a b.s desighn. my velkie is 4 years old with 0 dollars in maintance. why does anybody buy these? not to mention its got to be harder on the mower as wheels roll and dont have to be dragged across the turf
  10. StihlMechanic

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    I have never understood these things.

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