I called the cops on a customer!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stihl036pro, Nov 22, 2003.

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    Hey guys, I have a story for you. I did a leaf clean up for a lady a couple of days ago. I sent a proposal to her but with my crazy this time of year schedule I did'nt realize that I did not get the signed contract back in the mail. She me called and wanted to know when I was going to do the leaf job. I told that I would be over there on friday to do the job. Well Friday came and me an my crew headed over right after lunch, We got there and the wind had blown a lot of the leaves away. I was happy because it was less work for us. We started the job, It was'nt 15 min into it when she came out and started telling me how to do my work. I shrugged it off and kept working. Then 15 min later shes out there telling my guys what to do. I was really getting annoyed at that point. I then realized that she was a customer I did not want to have. I did a fine job for her. There were no leaves left on the lawn. I cut the lawn and bagged it also. I charge her $200 for the mowing and the fall cleanup. I was there 1 hour and 45 with 3 guys. I finished the job and went up the door to get paid and thats when all the fun started. She told me that I did not do a good job. This lady is wacko!! I went around and did all the little things she asked for. Finally I told that the job was complete and I wanted to get paid. She said that I was not going to get paid because I ripped up her hillside with my great big mower. I looked and shook my head there was no turf rips at all with the hill side. I would admit it if there was. she was making up stuff to complain about so she did not have to pay me. I have been in business for 4 years and have never have come across and customer like this one. I told her if she did'nt pay I was calling the cops. I told her that to scar her so maybe she would pay up. It was funny, All I could think about was Bobbygedd's story about his customer driving him to the police Station. I called the police a officer stopped by. The Officer Explained to me that there was nothing he could do. And that it was a cicil matter. The officer talked to her and she was willing to settle with me. It took me an hour and half to get paid. Make sure you guys get thoose contracts signed. She also said to me that the reason I wanted a signed contract is because I don't do good work and That I don't know how to run a business. I told her that the reason why I need contracts is for people like you. I remained calm and polite though out this hole ordeal and never raised my voice. She was a nut case. Watch out for those types. Don't let them push you around. Sorry about the long post haha Anyone have crazy leaf season stories like this one. -MIKE-
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    FYI all caps are hard to read for some people.
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    I am very leery of one time clean-up customers. I've had similar experiences and now I have only a handful of people who do their own mowing and just have us do the fall clean-up. I can barely keep up with my regular customers, I really don't need the one timers anymore. Sorry to hear about your experience, it definitely sounded like a bobby story.
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    Its pretty boring for a bobby story. But there are crazy people everywhere, just be very happy that you got a good cop that isnt lazy, because he probably is the reason you got paid. Some woouldnt have evan tried to help.
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    I'm one of those people! Please use lower case.

    Mike, Glad you got your money is all. Bugger that you were there over 3 hrs. Probably cost you more to wait. Its the principle though isnt it!
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    Yeah, bobby has some good stories. I got my Turf mag in the mail yesterday. Lo and behold, the lady who deducted 39 cents payment for the cost of a stamp and the 2 cent envelope made the highlights.
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    southpaw, are you serious? i just got my turf mag, and never opened it yet, it's still in the truck. what page? is my name there? my picture? wow, i'm famous! ok, anyway, i'm glad you got paid, it's a damn shame we need to go thru this. as if the work isn't hard enough, you have to fight to be paid, what amounts to pennies by the time we're done. i've done so much crazy sh!t to get paid, from intimidation all the way down to sob stories about my starving kids. it stinks! i'll use the cop thing from now on(sometimes, maybe, depending on my mood swings) . glad you got your dough
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    I am glad you got your money. The sad thing is getting a signed contract dosent always mean something either. Just because you have a contract with someone does not gaurantee you are going to get paid. A contract is only as good as the customer signing it.
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    What I dont understand is why the matter is a civil matter...... What about theft of services??? No different from shop-lifting.

    Never had this problem..... Glad you got your $$$....

    Oh yeah... just like she'll do for you, be sure to tell ALL your friends about her !!!!

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