i can do it cheaper myself !!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. befnme

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    so i get a call for a quote yesterday . and i know that you never get all that you bid for. but this was in an upscale community that i am getting rave reviews in .so i thought i was a shoe-in .so anyway after further inspection i discover that he want full service plus ; broad-leaf control ,grub control , and insect control . well i threw the number at him and it was like ;) :dizzy: .he didn't know what to say .then he thought a moment and said " i can do it way cheaper than that my self " . my response was " you called me because you said you were afraid of chemicals " ,that is my price for my product and time " .i continued to explain that grub control chemicals were especially expensive .now i didn't pad the bottom line just because he lives in a nice place either .i have been getting some major work from this place so why would i screw that up for a few more bucks . anyway we said our good buys and parted ways . my only statement was " you have my number " .some of these people want fillet Mignon at dollar menu prices .
  2. DLCS

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    "He can do it cheaper himself", well no kidding. What did he think that it would be cheaper to hire you than to do the the work himself? Have to wonder sometimes about some people, where do they get their logic. You should of asked him, "did you build your own house or did he find someone who could build it cheaper than himself"? What a moron.
  3. Richard Martin

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    I agree. He can do it himself and should. I always tell my customers that it is their lawn and they can do as they please but if they want me to do it the price is the price and there is no wiggle room.
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    You did the right thing. I have a guy now that likes to compare my prices to what he did it for last year. I normally suck it up and deal with it but starting yesterday with a friendly phone call, I'm finishing up the April mowing he paid up front for this week and then I'm giving him the wave.

    I do this part time and I don't need to spend my precious hours talking about how my prices are too high. If he doesn't pay for it, someone else will....
  5. sheshovel

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    Yea whenever someone tells me they can do it cheaper themselves..I say
    "Well then you are sure free to do so."
  6. Surf'n'Turf

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    You did the right thing...keep the line of communication open 'cause he may be calling you back after he scorches his lawn or makes it resemble an American flag with the old drop spreader. Oh well, at least he's not attempting any tree work, that gets real interesting...homeowner+ladder+chainsaw....quick let me go grab my camcorder!

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