i can get any dam work

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeshere89, May 1, 2003.

  1. mikeshere89

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    its my first year in business, i have one account, my dads. I advertised in the paper and sent out flyers to the people in my parents area, even telling them to go and look at my fathers lawn as it looks excellent, yet still no phone calls. this is really depressing especially when i see how busy all these other companys are so busy, and they dont do quality work. I deferred all my payments for equipment till winter but at this rate they are just going to repo them back.

    any of you get started like this? how do i get my name out

    im ready to start stealing jobs, which i would hate to do.
  2. Popsicle

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    There is obviously work out there if your competitors are busy.

    1. Have you gone out to meet any of them? Ask them if they have any accounts they can't service. Networking works.

    2. Are you targeting high-end neighborhoods?

    3. Have you looked into direct mail?

    4. Are there corkboards at local coffeehouses or grocery stores where you could post a flier (with tear-offs)?

    5. How long did you advertise in the paper? Name recognition is very important.

    These of some thoughts that came to mind. I live in an area that hasn't been affected much with the recession. I too started my company this past October but have been very fortunate.
  3. LB Landscaping

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    All stealing jobs will do is give you a bad rep. Don't get discouraged as the season goes on the phone will ring. Try door to door advertising. Take a Saturday and go meet some home owners in your target area, tell them who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you.
  4. Darryl G

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    You need to be an engineer to get dam work....just kidding.

    Hang in there, the jobs seem to come when you least expect it. You need to tell everyone you know what you're doing...get the word out. Meet people, knock on doors, look for overgrown lawns, but dont give up. Once you get a few and people see you out and beginning referring you, it gets easier.
  5. The Rock

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    This is my first year as well. I spent 400.00 on a target mailer and it was the best thing I did. I sent it to 3 surrounding towns and the phone started to ring for cleanups and some mowing. I will send out another one in a few weeks. Then ask for the ones that didn't get mailed(because they have to print like 5k at a time) and go door to door.

    NETWORKING. I sat down with some local companies and they are giving some referrals. Let them know that you WON'T steal business. Make the connection with them and it will payoff. There probably is enough to around.

    Good luck:blob4:
  6. Auroris

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    I've found that a small, cheap ad in the paper gets me small, cheap jobs. So, since flyers were not getting the results that print advertising was, I invested (c'mon, it IS an investment) in a more expensive ad. Now I am considering an even larger ad.

    Some successful business people I used to know told me that if you want a big business, you have to treat it like a big business from the most humble beginning.

    OK. Just a couple of cents worth. Best wishes this season!

  7. tjcezar

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    I like what Auroris said but be fully committed if you go that route and don't give up cause it is sure to pay off but don't look for immediate results either as your customers will need to see your name a few times before they feel comfortable with you.
  8. double e

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    Logo your truck or trailer- We don't advertize
    I have 5 logoed trucks-
    Customers call saying the see my trucks everywhere- must be rep.business

    You might only be starting with 1 truck but it helps
  9. Green Pastures

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    Have you tried a more positive attitude. Your post ALMOST depressed me. Just about every sentence is negative. I realize that this can sometimes be a place to come and vent, but what you talk about can have bearing on how you feel about yourself and your business. How you feel about yourself and your business can come across when you speak to prospective clients. Try a more optimistic approach.

    I haven't landed any jobs YET. I'm working to get more contracts. I do quality work.

    Try the door to door aproach with fliers and if you get an opportunity to talk to a possible client sell your quality workmanship.

    Fliers, fliers, fliers. Smile, smile, smile.

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