I can hire guys all day long for $75/day in an obama economy

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CITY PARK CUTTER, Oct 9, 2012.


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    Have 'em standing in line for work. Think about that the next time you walk into the voting booth. Even though I didn't think much of Bush, I had to pay $100 for that same worker. So I kind of like this crappy Obama economy on one hand...tough call. Mitt will be better for financial responsibility but Obama keeps my lackies down on the farm.
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    I feel you on that one! Ever since the recession hit, I got guys I could have only dreamed of hiring before willing to come and work for me for 25% less than they would have before. Every time I post a job, there are always more qualified candidates who respond than I can respond to. That never used to happen. In Jan. '11 we posted an add for a new office manager. It's a decent position. But only starts at about $15.00 per hour. Within 2 days we had over 250 resumes to look over. Over a dozen of the applicants had MBAs! Are you kidding me? MBAs fighting for a $15 an hour office job? It was crazy.

    Fortunately, we found the best lady in the world to fill the position. She has a college degree from my Alma mater, always a cheerful attitude, excellent phone etiquette and she had 3 years experience managing an office for another landscape company. She's been absolutely amazing (which reminds me, I need to give her a raise. I'll have to do that tomorrow.)

    I have an irrigation tech. working for me who has a degree in landscape architecture, graduated magna cum laude, and designed and managed large landscape projects for a large firm in CO for several years before the recession hit. He's been here a year now just happy to have a job - even though his current position isn't really what he was trained for. But he's been very happy just being an irrigation repaid technician and he's very good at it. It's just bonus that he also knows landscapes in and out too! I never could have got a guy like that for that wage, 4 or 5 years ago.

    It's like that across the board. In every department of our company I've been able to snag some really good employees.

    In the past, we used to have to settle for someone who was less qualified than what we were looking for. Sometimes we were just happy to have someone show up for an interview. These days qualified candidates are beating down our door, even when we are NOT hiring.

    I do love that part of the recession. But despite that, I still want Obama gone. He's been a disaster. I don't think Obama caused the current economic disaster. But I do believe he's hindered and delayed the recovery. And I'd rather have a great economy and have to fight to find good workers than have a crappy economy and great workers.
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    Sure, you may have provided a job, and these people may be happy to work...But, what you just described, is one of the reasons why the job market is weak. Everybody seems to be happy exploiting the weak economic conditions with low wages. Unfortunately the job market is too far gone to make a strong come back, at least in my opinion. I will leave it with this food for thought. I certainly would not boast about how I have over qualified employees which I am happy to under pay, simply because the economy allows it?
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    Great post. Don't take it wrong Jim but I completely agree.
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    This very same logic can be used to describe current and future customers. Karma.
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    Isn't this a little off topic. How about puking political views in the Political forum set aside for it.
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    What is Jim supposed to do? Pay them double what the position he is hiring for is worth just because they are qualified?

    They needed a job and were very qualified and he was happy to give it to them. Sounds like a win-win, not job exploitation.
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    i totally agree with you.
    this economy is ridiculous.
    i just put on a 4th crew last
    i had people from wall street applying.
    eventually hired 3 people with mba and a 4th with a bachler
    all have experience in lawncare with another company that went under.
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    So now they get paid 25 a day less and get to pay double for their food and their gas. Both of which are not counted anymore in inflation because it would look really bad if it was. Add in that the clown in office has monetized the debt and just printed money making that 75 dollars you pay worth even less. Thus your lackeys now make less then half what they made 4 years ago.

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