I can hire guys all day long for $75/day in an obama economy

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CITY PARK CUTTER, Oct 9, 2012.

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    it must be a ***** to pick apples from a height all day long.
    if it takes someone with experience an hour moving to pick a box, how much could you or i pick an hour. half a box? so your now only making 14 an hour if your lucky, what if they pay less.

    we pay 12 starting after 2 weeks training an hour plus benefits, plus yearly bonus, 60 hours a week, plus a bonus for the crew if they sign up a neighboring property.

    your article as well states that the workers are underpaid. no **** no one whats to work.
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    Wow! That was one of the best, most articulate posts I've ever seen on Lawnsite in all the 13 years I've been here. All excellent points. I'm envious that I didn't write that. Well done.
  4. wbw

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    Hallucinate much?
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    He's not hallucinating. I actually cried when bush was elected, then twice, Jesus. Guys not even smart, one speech he gave he said obgyns can practice their love of women? Idiot!
  6. 32vld

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    Showing your youth. The oil companies have been screwing us over since the first fake oil shortage back in 1975. Not since Bush.
  7. Roger

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    Whoa! Profit margins of the oil companies are way down the list, something like 30th or 40th as an industry sector. The "high profits" mantra is a talking point that has no legs. Meanwhile, the companies that we love, such as Apple, have very high profit margins, and I hear nobody complaining about them.
  8. wbw

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    We currently have the highest gas prices in history. Obama is the President. Obama has been president for almost four years. How could you not be hallucinating and blame Bush/Cheney? Get real.
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    I do not disagree with your point that too many people are taking advantage of a flawed system and yes for this the left would be at fault for the leniency. IMHO, denying that the things I had said hold truth and have affected our economy would make me ask the same of you; Hallucinate much? Obama did make promises that he did not keep but have you ever known a politician that hasn't? Many of the rich out there are very deserving of what they have because of the education, innovation, hard work and whatever else they did to get there. I respect these people, and like you, do thank them for employing people, however they would not have what they have without those people producing and buying what they are selling. I know that anyone can do anything and be whatever they want to be in this country but many have a much easier road than others. Success is determined by many things a major one of those being the situation one is born into. Just read a thread about that on here about "connections" and "headstarts" aiding in success. I just hope that the government can reduce the drag the poor have on the economy, strengthen the middle class as they are truly what makes the country run, and be fair but not too fair to the wealthy. We are all in this together. Saying that people chose to pursue education and careers because they couldn't "hack it" is one of the more ridiculous things that I have ever heard. This may be true for a minority (some people simply are not smart enough or have the drive to be successful) but IMHO people make these choices for reasons other than a lack of confidence in their abilities. There is nothing wrong with getting a paycheck and putting food on the table but if you are bad mouthing the boss for his success then you are just a bitter person and should get a clue but most that I hear bad mouth their bosses has nothing to do with what he drives and how he plays it is about how big of an *** he is. As far as gas prices are concerned I do know that oil companies have been taking it to us since they existed but much worse from 04 - 08 than ever before and the spike that occurred during this time put those prices in a position that they will never recover unlike how they did after the mid 70s. From late 70s through 2003 gas went from .80 to 2 from 03 to 08 it went from 2 to 4.40. If you cant see that in around 25 yrs the increase was equivalent to 5 yrs of Bush then I understand why you would have the stance you have. :usflag:
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. It comes down to are you really better right now than you were 4 years ago?? No way. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of being lied to by our president. We need someone who can keep their promises. Not make America look like the newest episode of "Punked"

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