I can hire guys all day long for $75/day in an obama economy

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  1. Roger

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    To finish the thought, please enlighten us about the global demands of oil, the changes in those demands, and the global production. This will help with the Bush story on the prices of gasoline at the pump.
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    Some of these comments remind me of the 2 guys that tried to tell me the increase of dollars has nothing to do with inflation and that inflation is at a very low rate right now. Never mind the fact that the inflation rate doesn't take food and fuel into account.

    It's no wonder we as a country are in the shape we are. The lack of education is amazing.
  3. 32vld

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    Forgot to add that the oil companies since then have been having record profits.
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    There are a lot of politicians who don't just outright lie to get votes. And thinking that because they all do it, we should just forgive that is WRONG. Absolutely wrong. If a candidate blatently lies to get into office and then never does anything to move toward the promises he or she made, we need to throw them out - every time! Until they get the message! No matter what party they are from.

    Now, the gray area is that a candidate may INTEND to do some things, but isn't able to do them because of blow-back from congress, from the military leaders, etc. That's totally understandable. But there's a difference between thinking you'll be able to accomplish some things and then getting into office and realizing it's not totally possible and KNOWING you're not ever going to be able to live up to some promises, and making them anyway.

    Obama said he'd have the most transparent Presidency ever. What a joke! He's hidden everything he could! We never got to see Obamacare until just two or three days before the damn thing passed! Congress requests to see documents related to Fast & Furious, and rather than being "transparent" and releasing them - he uses a Presidential order to totally sequester them. For why? It wasn't like congress was going to look at them and release sensitive national security matters to the general public. There was no threat in releasing those documents unless he had something to hide. He's done stuff like this time and time again. Always dodging questions, investigations, etc. It has been anything but transparent.

    He said he'd work with leaders in both parties to move forward legislation that they would all agree on. That never happened! He never once tried to work with the GOP on issues related to Obamacare. It was his way or the high way and he knew that he could just ram-rod it through. There was nothing bipartisan about that bill or almost any other one he's worked on. Everything he's done has been purely partisan. At least Mitt Romney actually has had to work in a bipartisan way before. We know from past experience that he is capable of doing so. Obama, apparently isn't willing or isn't capable of it. He's ineffective at best!

    I could go on forever about promises he made during the first campaign that I knew back then he'd never be able to fulfill. And if this dumb lawn boy knew he'd never be able to do half of those things he promised, you telling me that a Harvard grad didn't know? Of course he did! He just didn't care and figured everyone would be stupid enough to believe him. And he's banking on that again!

    I'm sorry. But no matter what party you're from, if you're not effective, you need to go. He hasn't been very effective at even meeting his own expectations and certainly not the rest of our expecations. It's time for a change - AGAIN. And we need to keep changing them out of office - every last one of them - until they start to get the message. The last two presidents and the Legislature (except for the last 18 months) have been spending like drunken sailors just arriving back at port driving us off a financial cliff. Until these guys start taking our money seriously, we gotta send them the message that we won't stand for it and they won't get re-elected. I'm telling you - whatever party you are affiliated with - don't let your politicians continue to do this crap. It's our money! Force them to make sound decisions or force them out! And let's keep doing that until we get a bunch of them who get this message!
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  5. Roger

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    Profit margins of the oil companies are far less than other high profile companies. We flock to buy their products (e.g. Apple), and never hear a whimper about their profit margins.

    "... record profits, ..." So what?
  6. jrs.landscaping

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    Because oil companies are "evil". "They" are the ones jacking up fuel prices :rolleyes:. Yet no one thinks twice about spending $500.00 for a phone, or tablet instead of using that money to fill their gas tanks or oil barrels.
  7. ed2hess

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    :cry::cry::cry: Don't give us lectures just go ahead and pay your guys a lot more if it makes you feel good. I feel good just providing people with a job.
  8. yardworkswi

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    VERY well said!
  9. limaint

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    Yes oil companies are making record profits...its kinda like if lawn care was traded on a global market. We charge one price some condo association sneezes and property managers manipulate the market to cause the price the consumer pays to go through the roof. Then the government would tax the crap out of it...so if the prices keep going up then the amount of tax revenue would go up. Yes you might have some extra change and record profits but the property manager and government would make the most.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Your vast knowledge of oil prices is inspirational. I am sure people will refer to your expertise on the subject for millennial to come.

    OPEC was formed to manipulate gas prices after the US took our selves off the gold standard. With the dollar now fluctuating they wanted to be able to protect them selves and get the same price no matter what the dollar did.

    But sitting on more oil than is in the middle east we still have the ability to set the price. We just seldom make the commitment to exploit it. But every time we talk of doing that the prices crash in order to keep us from becoming energy independent. That's a catch phase to Dem's it means lie to people at election time then forget you every said it afterwards that has gone on for 35 years now. For Rep's it means what it says it means producing the oil we need to run the country here and having a safe supply.

    Oil started to move in the 80s but we had Reagan and he envisioned hard shale oil which we have 2 trillion barrels worth. OPEC didn't like that one bit and the price stabilized and somehow we passed (peak oil) and not only did we not run out we now have more known supply's than ever. Clinton benefited from stable prices had he not he would have been a 1 term-er like Obama will be.

    Now you bring up the prices hitting 4.40 in 2008 that is true but what is also true is they fell too 1.99 by the end of the year and I have gas receipts 3 days before Obama is sworn in at 1.79 a gal. Now how did that happen it was easy Bush made moves to open up offshore oil and Alaska the result was predictable more supply means lower prices and market dropped the price.

    But Obama and the Dem's say that never happened and that will never work despite 2 instances in my life where it did. They blame the oil companies who benefit from their incompetent. They send our money to the middle east because they are beholden to a environmentalist fantasy that even though windmills are 11 times more expensive than coal we need to embrace the madness.

    The results are food and gas prices that keep us in a near depression and to make sure we stay there they threaten us every day for 4 years now. They tell us we need to let the bush tax rates expire which means for 4 years now no one here knows the future rates and therefore can not make longer term plans. I am so sick of hearing we inherited a bad economy the truth is it imploded right on schedule. And its the only reason the guy got the job he knew what he was getting he and his party made it as bad as possible so he could win. And he has done nothing in 4 years other than try to buy votes. But his single worse decision was to print money and spend it like mad driving down the dollar and the results are higher prices on imports and we import oil because we are not allowed to use all of our own.

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