I Can See Ground Again!

Chris Wagner

LawnSite Senior Member
Just got back from Las Vegas for a conference in another business venture. To my delight, most of the snow has melted... the temperature actually rose above freezing!

So, now I'm itching to get out and do some work. Looks like we have a fair amount of repairs due to snow blades hitting the corners of the turf... plus the traffic on these corners when the ground is spongy doesn't help either.

Trees were all trimmed about a month ago... over 100 of them. Just got finished ordering some new filters for equipment.

What are you doing now and when do you first start cleanups, aeration, overseeding?

I'd hate to start too soon (especially with overseeding) to only have a snowfall or frigid temperatures.

Also, most seed (KBG, Rye) seems to grow best with temps 50-60. If I plan to overseed when I aerate, I guess I need to wait until temps get there? Any benefits to just doing an aeration in a few weeks, then doing another when temps rise and overseeding?

Tired of being couped up...


LawnSite Senior Member
Vancouver, WA
We are getting everything sharpened, cleaned and tuned this week. Start our mowing season next week and filling in the time with spring clean-ups, pruning, etc.