I can settle the Redmax 8000 vs Stihl 600 debate once and for all.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HenryB, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Having both blowers I've been perplexed by people saying the 600 is as powerful as the 8000. Honestly it seemed a pretty stupid comparison. The RM 8000 moves so much more debris. I know brand loyalty blinds people, but it's such an obvious difference. So in very simple terms the 600 nozzle is tapered and much more narrow than the 8000 creating a very narrow but powerful stream of air. The 8000 end is wider creating a much wider path. So they do blow the same but the RM blows a much wider area making it much faster. You could take a RM 7001 taoer the end tube to increase the wind speed and cfm.. If you remove the Stihl's end tube the blowing path becomes wider that of the 8000 but with much less power.
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    I have had the same experience with the redmax and stihl. My neighbor who is a stihl junkie has the 600 and i have the 8000. My experience is this, as far as weight the stihl is lighter. As far as noise the redmax is louder. But when you get side by side with these two units blowing in the same conditions the redmax wins hands down. I know you stihl guys aren`t going to agree but that my two cents. Oh yeah I forgot to tell that I started using stihl trimmers and blowers when I first started mowing and after swithching to the redmax equipment I know I made the right decision.
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    That's been my exact explaination of the difference. There isn't but one of us on here with both that feels the Stihl is stronger either. There is a massive difference in air volume. I'm like you, it's not even close in that respect. The RedMax moves a lot more air.

    More air at the same speed with more brute force...
    For leaves, the math ain't hard....

    But I can understand why that one guy thinks his BR600 is stronger. It's about perception.... and what he was blowing.

    He percieves the pinpoint air stream as more powerful. I can understand that, because in a way, I was the same way when I first started to use the 8001's. He was also doing wet leaves. Some of the first things I did were light leaf cover, real small shriveled leaves, small leaves in tall grass, wet leaves, little bit of leaves in shrubs, ect... A pinpoint airstream helps out in these things and makes a blower seem a bit stronger than it really is.

    But heck, it's not like you can't get some nozzle accesories for the 8001 to get that pinpoint airstream. It would be unreal what it could move with a curved and tapered tip.
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    I am happy this topic is on here tonight. I have been very busy the last couple of weeks and have not been able to visit. Any way, I run Redmax 7001's and a Echo 650. Early this year I tried a Stihl FS90 and loved it, so I bought two. At the TNLA show I told the Stihl reps about this ,and I would like to try the 600 out. A nice man named Jody Wilson brought me one to try for 7 days. Boy was I impressed! This unit was lighter, quiter and had more power. It may not move leaves as well as the 8000's but when you use them for long periods of time on car lots and apartment complexs the light, quite power is great. I guess it all depends on what you use them for.
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    How good are your fs90rs?
  6. RedMax Man

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    Another backpack blower thread!:dizzy: Just get the best blower you can afford and like and be done with it. Stop arguing this annoying subject to death please.
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    Well said. :) :usflag: ;) :clapping: :weightlifter: :cool2: :waving:
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    Turf Daw,
    I agree with you about the fact that the 600 is just easier to use than our Echo650 units because it is lighter and I have come to like the lower noise. I am flat out convinced that me and my workers will be just as productive with a light unit than we are lugging around the big monsters. In our lawn maintenance we aren't trying to blow a five foot pile of leaves a mile into a woods and if I was I would use a real blower my 13hp WB Billygoat. I think I will stick with our BR420 units until the 600 proves it is reliable.
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    Thanks for the smilies.LOL

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    Well it keeps LAWNSITE active.

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