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I can vouche for "youcostcenter"

Discussion in 'Your Cost Center Software' started by NickN, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. NickN

    NickN LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Alabama
    Messages: 1,009

    I have used "yourcostcenter.com" and can recommend it.It's a highly useful program for determining overhead and expenses as well as profit.It's easy to use and truly opens a new door in projecting and establishing hourly rates.(Something all contractors struggle with,especially start ups.)
    I recommend starting with the 30 day trial.
    Perhaps the moderator can post some screen shots?
    Companies with employees or thinking of adding employees will benefit even more.You'll get to see the true cost of business.
  2. YCC

    YCC Banned
    Messages: 13

    Thank you NickN.
    Here is an interesting screen shot.
    What does overtime really cost? We all know the standard is time and a half. But what actually changes in the overtime equation? The direct salary to the employee go up 1.5. The payroll taxes go up. Workers Comp. and all expenses don't change. So as you can see in this screen shot the out of pocket to a company is not as bad as perceived. We can all relate to the feast or famine routine where we don't have enough labor or not enough manpower. So it's good to know what the exact out of pocket is.



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