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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Caddyshack Lawn Care, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    Tell me I'm not the only one:

    1. Begging for some rain right now.

    2. Who has shown up at a job to discover that somewhere along the route he lost the head (engine) of a trimmer hanging on a rack because the aluminum shaft broke from the vibration.

    3. Who runs over a garden hose at least once a year because the homeowner leaves it laying in their yard. Why they make them green I'll never know. They should be bright red. It's like they're wearing a ghille suit.

    4. Who has a lawn where the only parking on the street blocks a mailbox.

    5. Who occasionally talks to himself while mowing. Two points if you've been caught doing so.

    6. Who scratches his head when a customer's neighbor mows just 1/2 of the five foot tiny section of grass on the island between the street and the sidewalk. Especially when you mow all of it when you're mowing.

    7. Who has pulled the cord on the FS90r two dozen times before he realizes he accidentally left the switch locked in the off position.

    8. Who has filled the tanks only then realizing his wallet is still home on the dresser.

    9. Who has looked at a lawn and thought "man, I wish my work looked that nice."

    10. Who has more work than he can handle in April/May/June, but not nearly enough in July when it heats up and dries out quickly.
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  2. larryinalabama

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    Who has a 300$ plus day, then stops to fill the truck up with gas and realizes things aren't all that great.

    Question?? Why everytime Im looking for a pair of gloves I find 7 left hand gloves and cant find a right hand one???

    Why does everyone call all at once???

    Why does my weed eater never run out of string neat the truck???
  3. Tunica

    Tunica LawnSite Member
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    who always gets the cut it shorter even when the worms and grubs have sued you for abuse and medical bills?

    Who calls a client and asks if it rained gets the answer NO and when you get there the grass is so wet birds are bathing in it.

    Who always runs out of power aide when its 105
  4. mowerman90

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    Who ever runs out of gas on the trailer?
  5. LandFakers

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    from CT
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    Who is the one to find every doggy landmine in every single yard

    Who is the one who seems to go out when its sunny and have to come back in as it starts pouring right when I pull up to the first property

    Who is sick and tired of not being able to mow some sections of customers lawns because they are swamped and having to weedwack hundreds of sq. ft and still make it look even
  6. Tunica

    Tunica LawnSite Member
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    Me I'm a doggie IED sweeper
    Me of sorts its usually half way thru My second stop

    Willis, trimming the swamp is what I do from April to July
  7. johnsonslawnmanagement

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    This may change somebody's life, so I will share: when I fill my trimmer spool, I cut an extra fill and stuff it in my back pocket. Oh the joy of running out 10 miles from the truck and then grinning to myself as I reach around to my pocket. Enjoy!
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  8. knox gsl

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    Same here, wife has a collection of trimmer line on top of the dryer.
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  9. mowisme

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    I have a double trimmer rack holder (home built- works awesome) and I added angle supports with rubber pad out from each one to let head rest on while locked in trimmer rack. The top support one has a swivel capability incase I want it to swing down for other type trimmer use or whatever. Bottom support one is close to trailer rail so it is welded solid.
  10. herler

    herler LawnSite Fanatic
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    Is missing a piece of hand held equipment and can't remember where it got left behind, some show up again, others never do...

    Pays great attention when loading the trailer due to the fact that whichever piece of equipment gets used first should go on last.
    Then due to poor planning needs the piece of equipment that got loaded first, requiring a full unload.

    Has plugged a tire only to run over the same nail again.

    Frequently causes the GPS to recalculate route, although I'm not sure if this is an operator error.

    Forgot about the septic tank pipe.

    Has ran over his own equipment at least once (bonus for repeats).

    Risks getting the mower stuck only because it's such a big area to weed eat (bonus for getting stuck, double for repeats).
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