I can't believe the price!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Trinity Lawn Care LLC, Jun 5, 2006.

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    I went to do an estimate for a cleanup/lawn maintenance job today. I can not believe the price that the current LCO gave these people. First, they are very unhappy with the service(when the guy shows up). When he does trim he wacks their roses, etc. Anyway, the guy told these folks that he would clean up the back yard of brush, weeds, saplings, etc. for $100. They said go for it. He was supposed to do this last fall. He didn't do it. Then he was supposed to do it this spring. He didn't do it. We went to go look at it today. Must be an entire day worth of work for a three man crew. My wife called the gentleman back to let him know what he was up against, that the property should have never been left to such neglect, and that we would do what we could to work with them. The guy told Christy that it had been a couple of years since something has been done. She did not give him a price yet, because I did not prepare the proposal, but she did make it known that it was going to be a quite a bit more. I feel bad for the guy (a bit), I can only imagine the shock when he hears $600 - $750 for the entire project. I called my foreman to let him know about it. His response "That is exactly the type of company that we have been losing business too. When he realizes he can't do it for that price, he just doesn't do it. Then they call us and freak out when we tell them what it really will cost." Go figure. Sorry so long. I just could not believe that someone would quote a price that far out of the ballpark.
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    A full day for 3 guys Rob for 6 - 7 bills? Sounds more to me like a grand by the time you do everything IMO.
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    Yeah, Rod you are probably right. I still have a tendency to go a little lighter then I could (sophomore jitters I guess). It is a ton of work. I do not see how anyone could even possibly look at it and the words "$100 dollars" fall from their lips. Thanks for your input. :)
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    It is simple when you are small run a crapsman and a weedeater you bought at home depot and have no clue what your cost are a $100 dollar bill is huge money. Until of course you get into it and realize you are making four or five dollars an hour. Then just quit because it isnt worth your time. Welcome to the world of lowballers. I wish the customer population would realize this and not even take their bid but they are and will always be looking for the cheapest price. They dont think about the end result until it is too late.
  5. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    Just had another one! This time the customer who is a residential customer of ours told us they found someone cheaper to do their commercial property.

    Shrubs galore, poison ivy, woods every where, last years leaves, old mulch beds etc. About 7 - 8 hours worth of work. We were going to clean up the parking lot(weeds growing in parking lot), clean up all beds, clean us all poison ivy and leaves, clean up all the shrubs (and some are huge), prep all the beds, install about 3 yds - 4yds of mulch, and dispose of all the debris for a little over $800.

    I do not know how much someone bid it out for, but I hope that they get the job done at a level of service that we were going to give them. I am waiting to see what they get.

    Had another one the beginng of the season. Guy wanted tons of work done. the mulch job was a 10 yd black dye mulch job. All the beds had to be edged out etc. I forget what our price was. However, the guy came back and told me that someone came over and told him that they would do the job for like $200 $250. I told him to go for it I won't even come close to that. I go bye heading to another job and I noticed whoever did it just piled in wood chips. Looked like dude had been out stump grinding and brought the debris over to the other property to install. It just never ceases to amaze me.
  6. Lazer_Z

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    Rob, This is the best part^. I can hear the guy that your going to do the brush job for now "It's going to cost what!?" "All that $$$$ for you just to cut down some brush?" some people just don't have a clue.

  7. rodfather

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    what's real scary is they never will....people like that, you wonder how they can even dress themselves in the morning or find their way to work.
  8. Nosmo

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    How much is a Baby Ruth -- a hundred dollars.
    How much is a new car -- a hundred dollars.

    How much is it to fix the yard -- a hundred dollars.

  9. Microbe

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    I still can't understand why you guy's even try to attract customers like this. Their more stress than business and deserve the crap that they hire.

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