I can't believe they asked me to do that to their yard!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by YardGal, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. YardGal

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    What are some of the strangest requests or most unusual things you've done or have been asked to do to a lawn, yard, patio or landscape?

    Come on, let's hear some good ones!!
  2. White Gardens

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    I've run into a handful of older people who want me to kill the neighbor's trees because they were tired of the leaves falling on their property.

    One client wanted me to remove all his stone mulch, saving the fabric in the mean-time, then using a shop-vac, cleaning up the dirt and random stones off the fabric, then installing another layer of fabric, then going to my supplier and negotiating stone price, and then telling me how to install it correctly. My supplier even apologized to me as he didn't mention that I would be buying it and picking it up.

    Needles to say, the guy wasn't happy about his bill, yelled at me in the street and I thought I was going to have to call the cops. But, I told him, if you want me to jump through hoops and do everything against my recommendations, then you'll get charged for it.

  3. retrodog

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    I had a real estate agent in Hugo with 8 lots that would call me after the city gave him a couple of tickets. The grass was in some places almost as tall as my Rops was on my grasshopper. I hit a trailer on one lot behind the movie gallery the first time I was mowing it that had the ramp gate up....I didn't see it...lol. I had a landscape company actually stop on the side of the road and video taped me mowing it, I thought he was going to try to get me in trouble or take my yards, but when I went to ask them what they were doing, they just said they couldn't believe I had a new $13000 mower in something like that....lol. They got a huge kick out of hit. Hey for me $100 a lot instead of the normal $25 was pretty sweet, I could usually do all 8 in one day and clear like $650 to $750 (after a new set of blades...lol) with no trimming....
  4. Mickhippy

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    One of my first customers wanted me to spray his lawn with bug/fly spray. He kept on seeing funnel ( web http://australianmuseum.net.au/Funnel-web-Spiders-group ) spiders in his lawn. This simply wasnt true! The guy actually DID take too much acid/LSD back in the day and had completely lost the plot!

    He would ask me in for a cup of tea but standing at the door, the stench was just insane, so I HAD to decline!

    I should mention, he sprayed the lawn himself and killed 90% of it. Made my work quicker and easier though for same price!
  5. Groomer

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    thats a good one retrodog.
  6. capelawncare.com

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    I had a customer who told me he wanted his St Augustine yard cut at .05 an inch, Because thats how short they cut it at the golf course.

    I wouldnt cut it.
  7. alexschultz1

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    Had a really old man ask me to fert his weed plants in the woods. Normally I would have called the cops but he was only using to help his arthritis. So I did lol. Can't say no to a man in a wheel chair :/
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  8. dgw

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    deep root feedings?:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  9. zak406

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    For payment did he give you some :clapping:
  10. alexschultz1

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    not a smoker but he definatly offered. cool ass old man too. he kinda wandered off when u talked to him though. wonder why??

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