I cant believe this has happened!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clallen03, May 3, 2007.

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    OK, I was pulling my Z into the garage and it ran out of gas. This was fine because the gas can was right in front of me. So I grab the can and start filling the tank. When it finally fills up I started to pull the nozzle out of the tank and the damn nozzle pops off and falls into the tank.

    That was just the ending of a crazy day. I did a seasonal flower bed that took me 3 hours to do because the Georgia red clay was so hard. We haven't had rain in god knows how long. I did a routine pine straw install and lawn maint that normally take me 1 hour max. This took me 1 hour and 45 mins because I ran over a freaking blanket that a dog ran in front of me and dropped I wish I would have hit him instead. My wife goes over my head every time I tell my son something she lets him do what I tell him not to. Just a bunch of bull is going on today.

    Well back to the nozzle in the tank. I cant get this thing out and I have a full tank of gas. I don't want to take the tank off because the tank is full and gas is at $3 buck a gallon almost.

    Do you think this nozzle will cause me any problems if I wait until the gas runs out in the tank? Then I will take the tank off and pull out the nozzle.

    What do you'll think?

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    I would think the only problems caused would be the cap would cover the gravity gas feed.
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    This guy is a big copy-cat. I guarentee you he does whatever that other guy decides to do. I suggested to the other guy that if he's really worried about it maybe he could siphon out the gas and then remove the tank. But if he doesn't do it then this guy won't either. :rolleyes:

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