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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcgreenspro, Apr 8, 2006.

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    I picked up a new client this year and was busy cutting, weeding beds and all that other stuff. I looked up and this guy was standing near my truck and brand new trailer. i asked him if there was something that i could help him with and he just stared at me. So, i get up from the flower bed and start walking over to him and two more guys show up from around the other side of my truck.
    Now all three are standing looking at me as i am walking over and the first guy (turns out he was the owner of the company) tells me that this used to be his lawn and would like me to tell my new client that i can't do their lawn anymore.
    now, i am not a big guy and i know i can't fight three guys at once (tried that earlier in my life when i was 18 and ended with me getting pummeled) but i was really having a hard time believing that they were gonna kick my a$$ over a lawn. So, i am now standing about three ft. away from this guy and i calmly tell him that if he doesn't get away from my stuff we are going to have a SERIOUS PROBLEM. So, immediately i grab him and throw him as hard as i can into the middle of the street. He lands on his back and i go to rush him but his boys come running right at me. So, i back up and instead of going after me, they grab him and walk him over to the truck. Turns out, they were his summer help and didn't know what was going on. They were pretty young and scared. The owner apparently was dizzy and wobbeling from banging his head on the concrete.
    They all loaded up and left. Has anyone heard of something like this or had something similiar happen to you? What would you guys have done differently?
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    Just based on what you have posted it seems to me that you over reacted and could have possibly set yourself up for some legal issues. I don't assume your new client would appreciate this type of behavior taking place on their property. If he had a problem with you providing service then he should have taken it up with the property owner.
  3. Sounds pretty scarry. Don't know what I'd have done in the heat of the moment. Probably the same as you.
    But after it was over I'd go to the police and file charges against this guy right away. You're going to need the documentation if this guy ever tries anything again.

  4. Tharrell

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    I would have said "sure", and ignored him.

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    I had a similar thing happen to me when I was maybe 14 or so, it was almost 20 years ago. I was mowing a lawn and this older (50-60) Italian guy pulls up to the house I'm mowing and starts bitching at me in broken English about how this was his lawn and blah blah blah so being young and foolish I told him to "go back to your own f'in country ahole". That was a mistake! Later on that day at another house down the block his two sons show up and start with the "you little punk, no respect" and all that good stuff. I think they were planning kicking some ass, but when they showed up and saw a 95 pound 14 year old who started to apologaize profusely they thought better of it. Lucky for me. In one way a deserved a butt kicking for being my usual wise ass self, but on the other hand F them, it's my town, I got the lawn fairly (neighbors around the block I knew). It was scary though and from then on I thought better of mouthing off until I knew who I was dealing with. It was very Sopranos landscaping episode, for real.
  7. YardPro

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    you just commited assult and could be arrested for it.
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    Did he attack you? Did you feel physically threatened? Then you should have called the police. If he did attack you, you would then have the legal right to defend yourself.
    Sounds like a "topsites" moment.
  9. mulcahy mowing

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    Yep your in a bad place right now. lets hope things turn out alright for you.:dizzy:
  10. topsites

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    I agree, but I can see the issue at hand as well... One might say he over-reacted but I say he jumped them before they got the chance, I mean if the guy was acting in an intimidating way.

    What I might suggest in the future is carry a can of pepper spray. First off you don't have to feel bad for carrying it, it's just @zz-whoop concentrated in a can so it's less work for you is how I look at it. Second, you don't spray until they attack or at least it gets close enough for you to believe they will. Last but not least, it gives me the confidence I need to stand in front of half a dozen big fellows with a look on my face that says BRING IT ON! <- And it works, I've never had to use it, the look does it. I'm not a big guy either, but I've stared down some good ole' boys many a times, at least it makes them think twice and that's what you want, once they hesitate, you should be ok but don't let your guard down. Without some kind of backup (like pepper spray) I am sometimes scared and that's where they'll take you because these guys know that fear look.
    Keep in mind, certain improper uses of pepper spray can result in a felony charge, so make sure you use it as a last resort.

    Only thing I do different is I don't ask what they're doing. Anybody stands near my truck to me is a potential thief, that's the first thing I thought reading the story. So, stand near my truck and see how fast I hot trot it over, but I won't say a word to you, I love just staring at mofos from behind the dark shades, just stand there and look at them, stare a hole right through them ... Most will walk away so long you stare long enough, once they start walking continue looking at them the whole time until they're out of sight, maybe even follow a few steps, give them that look as if you strongly suspect them of foul play (which isn't always wrong).
    That's what I do, develop a killer look, practice a mean face in the mirror - not mad but just mean, plain old mean and bad.

    Still, I'd say you did the right thing. You may have jumped the gun but the fact the cops never showed tells me you seen this one coming. It's hard to say for sure, but ...

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